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The Indian Armed forces provide career opportunities to people who are determined to live a life full of adventure, prestige, excitement, challenges and most importantly respect. The defense forces are uniformed services that take professionalism to another level but at the same time it is the most demanding job as it requires fitness, knowledge, discipline and courage.

There are 4 main defense services: 

Indian Army

Indian Air Force 

Indian Navy 

Indian Coast guard 

There are several other paramilitary services and many internal institutions that help the defense forces in the areas of application and execution.

The Indian army 

Also known as the Thal Sena, comprises men and women from all caste, class, religion and community and it is a voluntary service. The Indian army is a sheer example of pure courage and valour and symbolic of patriotism and spirit of toughness and protection that every brave soldier carries in his/her spirit.

Indian Air Force 

Also known as Vayu Sena, to become an air warrior you must imbibe in yourself the courage to fight for the nation and show extreme patriotism in case of an emergency. High technical knowledge to fly the “eagle” and fastest reflex actions with correct and precise concentration to shoot the target will get you into this field. 

The Air Force recruits through: 

Flying the Eagle needs both strategy and management for which the Air Force has 3 main branches: 



Indian Navy

Also known as the Nausena Bharti, life at sea is extremely challenging and dangerous but these brave men who write INDIAN in their religion column stay to fight whenever enemies pounce through deep waters. One can see their true potential and learn new skills when they join the Nausena. 

Nausena recruits officers through UPSC and puts them into training in the Naval Academy where boys become men and finally officers. Only students with 10+2 in PCM can enroll as naval cadets. 

Nausena has mainly 4 branches: 

  • Executive branch – officers command ships, submarines and aircraft.
  • Engineering branch – naval technical support staff and naval architecture cadre come into this category. 
  • Electrical branch– for a ship to be ready for battles at all hours it is important to have support staff who master skills to overcome all problematic situations in the deep waters. 
  • Educational branch– officers who educate about new methodologies and scientific instructions to other officers on board and specialize in almost everything. 


910897 Navy Ins Gomati File

Indian coast guard 

The Indian coast guardsmen are an essential force that protects the seas. These officers not only take care of civilian fishermen, catch poachers but also protect marine biodiversity and also help in the prediction of natural disasters like cyclones and tsunamis. They put the life of others before them and with each mission they accomplish a new standard of patriotism. 

  • Life is full of adventure, hard work, professionalism and excitement for these men in uniform.
  • Every year joinindiancostguard.gov.in releases applications and vaccines for posts in the coast guard.
  • A candidate must be(male and female for short service commission)
  • Candidates who have passed Bachelor’s degree from any recognized university
  • 21-25 years on 1st July of the year of recruitment (05 years relaxation for CG uniformed personnel/ SC / ST and 03 years for OBC)
  • Mathematics and Physics (XII th of 10+2+3 scheme of education or equivalent)

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Border Security Forceborder guarding force, the largest in the world. It comes under the purview of the Ministry of Home affairs. 

Central industrial security forcesprovides security to nuclear installations, monuments, heritage sites and various government buildings and many other sensitive areas. 

Central Reserve police forceprovides assistance to police in case if the constitutional mechanism fails in a state or a union territory. 

Indo-Tibetan border police- is a specialized force which contains skilled mountaineers and skiers.

Sashastra Seema Balit is a specialized border guarding force coming under the purview of Home Ministry.

Assam Riflesits intelligence agency cum border guarding force that protects the Indo-Myanmar borders. 

National Security Guardit is a task oriented force deputed all over the nation. Has mainly two sub-groups:

  1. Special Action Group
  2. Special Ranger Group 
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To conclude, I’ll just say that life in a boot isn’t easy but it is worth all the effort you put to get into it. It gives you the opportunity to live a life less ordinary. Defense forces set a great example of professionalism and discipline that cadets and officers carry throughout their life. There is no discrimination and bias in the armed forces, you get what you work for and deserve. Even though initially it can be physically, mentally and emotionally tiring it is famously quoted that every drop of sweat in the training ground saves every drop of blood in the war. The country shall forever remain grateful for your services.


By: Debarati Pal

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So this is the end of the post Career in the Indian Armed Forces- Life in a Boot. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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