8 Things To Know Before Becoming An Art Appreciator

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Being a part of the human race, taking a break to put our time and efforts into a visual representation of things we can’t and don’t wish to speak about. It usually comes out in the form of art. But have you ever wondered what’s it like to appreciate it? This article aims to tell you the importance of it.

Look, see and think

An artist or critic follows these 3 techniques. A good piece of work demands your observation skills. Look and see are all about it. When you look at it, describe its physical property. See means to add meaning to it. And think it is working on what you observed. Be it writing a critical work, making a movie, or painting yourself!

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It has been a medium of communication since ancient times. Cavemen used it too, what is presently known as a cave or rock painting, to describe their times. When an appreciator observes an art, they can either work on finding its meaning or its physical form, age, etc. We need people who can work on old art forms and explain their aspects in layman’s terms. Art analysis has gained appreciation over the years and, one must not hesitate in taking it up as a career.

Forms of art

There are three major forms of art. Performing arts, visual arts, and literary arts. All others are categorized under these forms.

Performing arts involves the use of a person’s presentation skills. One may sing, play music, dance, or act on a stage to an audience. The theatre is the heart and soul of the performing arts.


Literary art is the world of wordplay where one throws in their thoughts and feelings into words. Poems, journalism, blogs, scripts, stories, etc. are part of the literary world.

Visual arts express though work that needs observation. Paintings, sculpture, models, movies, etc. presently visual arts has inaugurated another branch of digital arts. Graphic designing, movies, ads, etc. use technology to be presented come under digital arts.

Tools of appreciation

Details matter when it comes to any form of art. As an appreciator of art, you must understand these tools to understand the psychology of the artist. These tools include color, line, shape, form, value, texture, and space. These tools can’t be used solely. They are combined with other perspectives of contrast, rhythm, proportion, balance, unity, emphasis, movement, and variety. Let’s take an example with the tool color. The color red is said to symbolize passion and rage. If a painting is full of warm colors with more shades of red, it may indicate the artists’ passion for something through the painting.

Psychology Of Color

Psychological impact

You will change into a calm human soon! Sounds bizarre? Watching and analyzing art triggers the aesthetic center of the brain and evokes the feeling of peace and joy (Unless the art is depicting different emotions!) It will free you from your sadness as you will be experiencing a whole mind through the art you observe. It also promotes critical thinking.


The investment would be a nice term to buy the work you observe. We are aware of the immense work an artist puts into their work. This raises the value (Cost) of the work. For example, if a painting is expensive while you buy it, remember, its value will increase over years. So, when you might have to sell the painting again, the costs could go higher than expected.

Earn As An Artist


Be ready to be criticized. Just like artists, an art appreciator is criticized for their work. “That’s not a real job!” “haha, foolish.” “You are boring!”, these are a few things you might hear from your friends and families themselves. Have stronger self-esteem to tackle this.

Appreciator as artist

Since you are now all aware of the aspects of art appreciation, you can be an artist yourself. Don’t hesitate. Consider your work of observation as research for your work. You can write a script or paint a picture, make a 3-D model, or anything to explain your understanding of the world through a third person’s eye.

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