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Corporate Responsibility Watch launched in its first report in 2016 with the objective of providing overall status of Business Responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly gaining an important and strategic role.

The report aims to discuss the lapses that occurred in the business world and highlight the issues that affect society as whole. Various important issues like lack of worker association in companies, under representation of women and PWDS, lack of Grievance Redressal System

Companies like Nestle still continue to shock the consumers by involving in scams and thus need strict regulations to monitor them and to ensure the rights of consumers and workers associated with the companies. Though the stand of various companies regarding CSR has improved in the past few years, there is still a long way to go. In the present situation of pandemic, migrant workers have suffered the most. They have lost their jobs and homes and thus they need the most support right now. 

Today the companies are experimenting with their advertisements. Some are focused on their social appeal and some focus on their charity as a basis to attract customers, like Classmate registers and Nihar shanti oil which claim to give one rupee as donation for every product they sell. Somewhere these advertisements are misleading and attract customers in the wrong way claiming charity which they are legally required to do.


According to Times of India, the Government is drafting guidelines to amend the Consumer Protection Act. Companies won’t be allowed to use small fonts for disclaimers, otherwise the advertisements would be considered as misleading. Where advertising is endorsed by an expert, endorsement shall be supported by actual exercise of that expert evaluating products.

Consumer Protection Act And Gavel On A Table.

Zomato has become the first company to introduce “period leaves” for all women employees to build a more inclusive work culture. It allows up to 10 days leave a year and applies to transgender employees. This is a progressive way to remove any stigma attached to applying for period leave and women should not be uncomfortable asking for it. This should be appreciated and encouraged, so that other business organizations are motivated to provide for such leaves.

Period Leaves In India

Unregulated digital media has become a problem worldwide. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are solely responsible for these problems. It should be the responsibility of these companies to regulate this content as it spreads hatred and is capable of tarnishing the image and mental health of individuals. It has now endangered the security of the country. Indian government has even sent a notice to Facebook following reports of data sharing with device makers, without the explicit content of the users. Applications like PUBG and Tik Tok have brainwashed the minds of people, especially teenagers. These applications should have self regulatory measures.

Social Media

By: Debarati Pal

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