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Freelancing refers to working as an independent company rather than being hired by someone else. Freelancers are self-employed and often referred to as independent contractors. It is a medium or rather an opportunity to regulate the way you work. They have the freedom to work from anywhere. They work on multiple projects or jobs at once. In fact, according to a survey, over one-third of the United States works as freelancers.

But the question is how to go about it? How to take that first step towards becoming a successful freelancer? The following article discusses how one can become a freelancer.

Why do people prefer Freelancing?

1. You are your boss:

Freelancing helps in a more flexible type of working style. You no longer have to work under an authoritarian atmosphere. You don’t have to follow the dominating people around you, nor do you have to wear only a particular type of clothing to your work. Freelancers are free to make your own decisions.


2. You choose your working timings:

There is no hard and fast rule on how many hours you will work as a freelancer. You are the king and you get to decide what hours suit you the best.

3. You have the liberty to work from anywhere:

It saves the time and energy one requires traveling to their workplace, as freelancing offers an individual to work from anywhere and at their convenience. Freelancers don’t have to be confined to the four walls of an office. You can work from the comfort of your own house or even a restaurant. As long as you are working according to the client’s needs, they don’t mind how the work is getting done!


4. You have the freedom to choose:

In a full time, employment job, you rarely get the chance to pick on your desired projects and need to do the work that is assigned to you, but in freelancing, one has the liberty to choose which projects he wants to work on and which he doesn’t want to. A freelancer may also choose the clients they wish to work with.

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5. Your earnings are higher:

The pay scale for a freelancer is much higher when compared to a full-time working
employee, your efforts are solely yours, nobody else can take the credit for your hard work.

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6. You commit to the work you love!

In a full-time job, sometimes, we are unsatisfied with the job roles they offer to us but end up taking it because of either the salary offered or just because you aren’t getting any other job. But a freelancer is earning and doing the job they love. You give your 500% for a job that you love!


What are the risks that come with freelancing?

1) Freelancing does not cover the healthcare benefits:

While the other employees get sick leaves and some health care facilities, freelancers are to take care of the financial and health care insurances on their own.

2) Freelancing does not provide for any retirement pension:

Since you have been an independent worker all your life, they also expect you to be
independent in terms of finance, even when you retire.

Different type of work a freelancer can take up:

Different companies hire freelancers for various roles, it ranges from admin support jobs to even translation jobs.
Some of the many jobs offered to a freelancer include:
a) Creative writing
b) Copywriting
c) Photography
d) Videography
e) Design and creative jobs
f) Accounting and consulting
g) Bookkeeping
h) Data science and analytics and many more.

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There are several jobs that are offered to the freelancers; many companies want freelancers more than ever before. It has become a remarkable way to earn a living on one’s terms, but certain compromises have to be made for the health benefits and financial benefits after retirement.

By – Sakshi Taparia

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