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What does an auditor do? 

An auditor is a financial expert who produces and audits financial records to ensure that they are accurate and that individuals and corporations have paid their taxes correctly and on time. The primary function of an auditor is auditing and evaluating financial operations and assist in the efficient operation of businesses.

Auditors are also in charge of keeping track of daily claims activity to spot instances when firms fail to satisfy their responsibilities or where a facility has under- or over-performed about contract criteria. 

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An auditor’s extra tasks may include:

  • Examining accounting records and systems for efficiency and proper accounting procedures
  • Using existing auditing platforms to examine claims and ensure that proper funds are available for each claim
  • Collaborating with the compliance manager to ensure that claims are billed and administered by health insurance regulations and legal framework.
  • Identifying and reporting recurring claims mistake trends to management.
  • Making recommendations on how to cut costs, enhance accounting systems, and work more efficiently.
Certified Public Accountant, bachelor's degree in accounting

Average salary 

Auditor salaries are frequently determined by the auditor’s level of skills, education, and, experience, as well as the job’s unique tasks. The location of a business might have an impact on potential earnings. The average annual pay in the United States is $68,172; salaries range from $16,000 to $143,000.

Auditor work environment 

Most auditors work in an office setting, while others may work from home or a remote location on occasion. Some auditing work necessitates specialists traveling to a client’s location. Auditors must occasionally work in teams with other auditors, even though they do most of their work alone.

The majority of auditors work full-time, with some working more than 40 hours each week. Auditors are also busier and work longer hours during key times of the year, such as tax season and the conclusion of the fiscal year.

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How to become an auditor? 

Here are the following steps:

Obtain a high school diploma 

Obtaining a high school diploma is the first step in becoming an auditor. Take math, computers, accounting, and economics courses while still in high school. Take advantage of any school organizations that will help you to expand your knowledge of the business.

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Get a bachelor’s degree 

Following graduation from high school, you’ll need to enroll in a recognized college or university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, business, or a similar profession. During this time, concentrate on auditing, finance, and data analytics coursework.

Become an Auditor, bachelor's degree in accounting

Intern at a Public Accounting firm

Take advantage of the opportunity to intern at a public accounting firm while pursuing your bachelor’s degree. During this internship, you will have the opportunity to see all aspects of the audit process and determine whether this is the right career for you or whether you should pursue another accounting position.

Earn certifications 

You can endeavor to make yourself a more competitive candidate by acquiring relevant industry certifications after you have achieved your bachelor’s degree.

Many companies, particularly large accounting firms, demand that auditors hold a CPA license. This qualification can help you broaden your professional alternatives while also increasing your earning potential.

Become an Auditor, Auditor, auditing

Prepare your resume 

When you’re ready to apply for auditing jobs, you’ll need to create a thorough résumé. When writing your resume, be sure to describe your relevant education, certification, training, and experience clearly and simply, matching the language to the job requirements.

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Auditor job description example 

A senior auditor is needed by Johnstone CPAs, a regional public accounting firm. A CPA with three to five years of audit experience, preferably in a local or regional accounting firm, is required.

The primary function of a senior auditor is to conduct audits in specialized areas, which may involve preparing corporate and individual tax filings, routine compilation and financial statement production, and several other professional accounting activities.

By: Sananda Kumari

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