Importance of networking for building a career

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Deciding on your career can be neck wracking, knowing how you are going to achieve those goals can be even more traumatic. One should have the right people who know who you are and what your ambitions are. Besides, knowing these right people can help reduce the stress in choosing your career and achieving your goals. This is a part of Networking. It helps correlate with those around you in the same field or with higher authority in that field. It is one of the most basic principles to establish a successful career.

In today’s fast-moving, global, advanced environment, one’s readiness and ease with
Networking can significantly affect one’s ability to determine links and get interviews for various jobs. Research has shown that around 70-80% of all professional jobs are not obtained through classified advertisements. Through effective and steady networking, one can get professional jobs. When people connect, a more diverse link of contacts can extend one’s reach into diverse social circles. This subsequently enhances one’s career prospects, such as securing faster promotions and finding related jobs. Networking skills are not only crucial for a career, but even for personal success.
Conversely, many people aren’t very comfortable networking they feel it is extremely inappropriate to ask someone about their work life. They are very shy to open up and speak to different people or they just don’t feel that it’s the right thing to do. Developing interpersonal relationships with colleges, friends, family friends, seniors at schools, colleges, or even at work helps to build a strong network that might benefit the individual at any point in his/her life.

Having Good LinkedIn Is As Important As Good Resume

How can you build a network?

• Focus on the right people:

“It’s not about the quantity but the quality.” You don’t have to network with many people, instead only the people you think might help you with your chosen field in your career.

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• Start from your close network:

Networking begins from the close circle, which includes the family, friends, seniors or colleges, teachers, etc. Establishing a strong relationship with these close contacts makes a vast difference in your career building process.

• Attend as many workshops or seminars as possible:

A great place to network with people from your career background is to connect with them in various workshops and seminars. By doing this, you not only connect with people but also gain knowledge.

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• Using social media:

One of the most significant boons of social media is it connects people around the globe. Different social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are tools that one can use to connect in a personal or a professional way to different people in your industry. On LinkedIn, you can get connected to new contacts through your current connections. You can also use LinkedIn as a professional record to find people who work at various companies you’re interested in and then connect with them to know additional details regarding the same.

Having Good LinkedIn Helps You Get Hired Faster

Networking is the key to a successful career. Even if you have the knowledge or the education, without contacts in the field or the industry, it becomes extremely difficult for one to start a business or get a job. From the experience of your network, you can avoid the mistakes that they had committed and learn from them. Thus, it is the most essential foundation for a bright career.

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By – Sakshi Taparia

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