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  • Back in 1959, with Rs. 300 borrowed capital in hand, and five children to take care of, no personal wealth of his own, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi left his successful career in politics as a Legislative Member of Uttar Pradesh to follow his vision. He established City Montessori School, in Lucknow, popularly known as CMS, along with his wife, Dr. Bharati, with the aim to spread peace through education. Initially a school that started with only five students, CMS made many achievements including creating a Guinness World record of becoming world’s largest school with more 56,000 students on roll as of now. 
  • Dr. Jagdish Gandhi’s ideals were rooted deeply in his mind since childhood. Born in a poor peasant family in 1936, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi was inspired in his younger days y his uncle, Prabhu Dayal, a highly dedicated follower of Mahatma Gandhi who fought by his side for freedom, and a social worker. Heart-broken after getting to know about Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination in the year 1958, the 11-year-old persuaded his father to change his name from ‘Jagdish Agrawal’ to ‘Jagdish Gandhi’, vowing to follow the principles the Mahatma. Since then, he began to be known as Jagdish Gandhi, and passed the surname on to his family as well.
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  • Taking Mahatma Gandhi’s words “If you want to teach real peace in the world and if you want to fight a real war against war, you shall have to begin with the children” as an inspiration, Dr. Gandhi runs his school with this ideal. CMS organizes 28 international events annually to promote world peace. The children are taught prayers of different religious scriptures that promote unity and peace. The school is also known to have taken up the bold initiative of Indo-Pakistan friendship through letter exchange between students of both the countries. He believes that children should not be trained solely to focus upon the material gains of life, but also to become holistic citizens with responsivity towards the society, country and world. 
  • A hard-worker with immense dedication, Dr. Jagdish has not taken a day off from the past 60 years, working through even holidays and weekends, to see his vision achieved. Apart from running a school, he also took up several other social activities such as being the editor of   Utho Jawano (Rise Up Youth!) in between 1960-65, Founder and General Secretary of the All-India Children and Youth Festival in 1961-73, Chairman of World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education since 1999. From the year 2001, he has been organizing the International Conferences of the Chief Justices, where more than a thousand Chief Justices & Judges of Supreme Courts and High Courts from across 136 countries all over the world take pledge to create a world that supports the well-being of children. He has also authored 24 books on peace, unity, importance of education, and spirituality.
  • Dr. Jagdish Gandhi’s efforts have been recognized not just nationally, but internationally too. CMS has been recognized by United Nations Organization as an official NGO, the first and only school in India to be recognized so. In 2002, CMS was awarded the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in 2002, the only school in the world to ever receive this prize.
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  • In spite of reaching so many heights, numerous awards and achievements, Dr. Jagadish Gandhi still lives in the same room he was back in 1959, when he first started the school. He chose to lead a simple life, spending all his resources to fulfill his visions, and has no personal property of his own.
  • True to his ideals, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi not only advocated his principles, but followed and implemented them in his own life. His humble lifestyle and dedication will always be an inspiration for generations to come. 
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Mr. Jagadish Gandhi and Mrs. Bharati Gandhi

“Introduction and acceptance speech of Dr. Jagdish Gandhi”

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