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As the world is evolving and the industries are expanding, there have been changes in how the corporate world functions. It also led to a change in how recruitment takes place in companies. Members of a team need to be on the same level of skill set and communication. To solve this issue, companies started giving importance to certificates. Certifications can help in making sure that the candidate’s education is standardized and can also serve as proof of a candidate’s skills. But do they matter more than industrial experience? Let us see.

Certificates vs. job experience:

Both certifications and job experiences add value to your resume. But you need to be careful about the certificates you mention. Not all of the certificates you list would add value. When you list a certificate on your resume, you should have a deep idea of what you learned from it. Recruiters might question you on this.

Certificates play a great role when you have a gap in your work history. You can mention the professional certifications you completed to justify the work gap. It also helps prove to the recruiter that you can work with a team, have a great understanding of the topic, and are a constant learner. 

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All experience and no certificate can also be a bad sign.

Your recruiter would never be able to know what you actually did in your last job, but a certification in the same area can help boost your learning and give the recruiter a sense of credibility and trust.

An employee with a certification ensures that they can provide value to the organization in the long run and not just deliver the tasks assigned to him. This way, both the employee and the company get benefitted. 

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The IT Sector is a fast-paced industry:

Standardized tests and certifications are a great way to verify your capabilities in the science (tech) field. But since the IT industry is very fast-paced, the knowledge that is relevant today might become irrelevant in the future. Technologies get outdated every day, and certifications cannot cope with the speed at which the world is advancing.

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The credibility of certificates:

In today’s world, anyone can create an online course and start providing certificates. But only a small percentage of the online courses actually provide real-life, applicable values and skills. And on top of that, certificates and tests can only test a small portion of a person’s knowledge. While in the real world, you need to master multiple skills to land a job and be successful. 


Do companies or recruiters actually care about certificates?

The answer depends on industry to industry. For example, in the finance field, you need to have professional certifications like CA, CFA, ACCA, CS, etc., to get a job, whereas, in the tech industry, you need to demonstrate your skills through projects.

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The priority is given to your previous experience and projects, and if you manage to get past the technical rounds of the interview, they might ask about your certifications. It means that having a great job actually helps in being selected for the job in the first place. They mostly want to see if you will be able to do the job. 

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If we talk about the IT and tech industries, you should first focus on getting experience, and if you really want to expand your knowledge or get verified for your skills, go for the certification. Certificates from online courses taken by individuals face issues like cheating, scoring, and validation, so they are not of much importance. In case you want to do a certification course, do it from sources that are authorized.

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Don’t underestimate your capabilities if you don’t have certificates. If you were able to impress your recruiter, you are bound to get that job.

By: Ria Prasad

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