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Right now, everyone is facing a job crisis. You have heard in the news, you have heard it in the dining table debates, and you have heard it from your elders.

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So how does an ongoing job crisis affect your decision on opting for a career?

Making the right career choice is already a stressful task as it is. One has to look for a balance between personal interest and the future scope of the field one plans to get into.

But first comes, knowing what one wants.

A really deep question, it seems, right?

Don’t worry I’m not going to start a ‘who am I ‘ meditation here (though it would help if you are into that stuff!)

Exploration is the word I’m going for here. Explore different fields of work that interests you, go about looking into fields you never understood, follow your curiosity.

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How to do this, you may ask, and that’s where the good old internship culture comes in!

Yes, you are not too young to take up an internship.

And yes, you too, you are not too old, to take up internships.

The way I see it, an internship is a window to what any job or industry may look like. How it functions, what kind of work they do, what kind of people work there, how do you fit in, and how much do you enjoy it, and the best part, where do they hide the good stuff in the office pantry!

But remember, internships are only a window. The big part is only revealed when you join them.

You may use internships to make an informed decision and know what you’re getting yourself into, without making a commitment or a life binding contract! Dramatic, but something like it.

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In this pandemic, work from home internships has been in trend, where the employers are looking to hire people for the short term in these uncertain times and people are rethinking their work choices and looking for other options. A win-win for both.

Now, how to choose internships?

First. Align your interests.

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Know what you like, what are the things you’re curious about. Maybe companies you always wanted to work with. Or any job profile you wanted to partake.

Second. Know your skills.

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What are you good at? Any course you might have taken previously or any skill you forgot to put on your resume before, dig the certificates up. Another thing to add here, since you’re going for an internship, the people hiring you often propose ‘on the job training’, so even if you feel like you might not have the pertinent skills, you can learn them along the way.

Third. Create a good application.

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Employers when looking for interns don’t seek a highly accomplished individual but one who is willing to learn and give honest contributions. They look for sincerity and dedication. So be honest in your application and under the question of why you wanna work for them, show your willingness to learn and your curiosity to know their workings.

Last but not least,

Don’t lose heart if you don’t get selected and don’t stop after being selected at one place. Keep on applying to various openings for interns after one internship is over. They usually don’t require a lot of your time during the day and help you make strong connections.

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There are ample of paid internship opportunities also, which encourages as well as attracts both students and working professionals looking for extra earnings. But still I would advise not to get hung up on the stipend but look for the better working opportunity and exposure while choosing an internship. It is the icing on the cake not the whole of it .

The job crisis is an indication of the expiration of the set old ways for a career. Right now, the most thriving and the newest contributor in the job sector is Content and media. Everyone is consuming content all day long. There is a bright future in it, and it is also employing a good deal of manpower. But this is not something we learned about in our schools and colleges so how do we know where we fit in?

Internship opportunities in the media industry is a gateway to know just that. A lot of internship opportunities are emerging from media houses, news websites, social media content creators and they are the ones to watch out for.

But in the conventional working sectors as well internship opportunities are proving to be a chance to gain exposure and build a strong resume. It helps to learn new skills and get in touch with the newest working procedures. Students, as well as people who have freshly entered the workforce, can benefit greatly from seizing internship opportunities.

So if you’re someone who is wondering how to survive in the terrifying environment of a job crisis and pandemic, get yourself an internship, and thank me now!

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