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Whether you’ve just graduated or want to change careers, career counselling can be a great resource. Career counsellors possess both professional and interpersonal abilities that can aid in the search for and preparation for a job. Prepare questions to ask a career counsellor ahead of time to get the most out of your appointment. In this post, we’ll go over a few questions you may ask your career counsellor to help you get the most out of your session. What should you ask your career counsellor during career counselling? Here are some questions you could pose to them:

1. How can I capitalize on my assets?

Potential employers are likely to inquire about your greatest abilities, and identifying them might assist you in selecting a career that you enjoy. Identifying what you think to be your professional talents is one of the first steps in building on your strengths. Research skills, communication, problem-solving ability, teamwork, interpersonal skills, and technical capabilities are all examples of strengths. Your career counsellor may be able to assist you in identifying your strengths. Then you can collaborate to determine specific steps you can take to capitalize on your talents in order to pursue a job. If you’re looking for work, your counsellor may be able to assist you in articulating these abilities during interviews.

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2. What can I do to improve my flaws?

Interviewers frequently inquire about your flaws. It’s just as vital to learn to recognize them as it is to take steps to improve on them. It’s fine to admit to your flaws because we all have them. It’s more vital to talk about the efforts you’re taking to get rid of them. Using an online calendar to improve time management skills or enrolling in a technology programme to improve computer abilities are examples of this. Your career counsellor can also assist you during the career counselling in process in learning how to respond to this question in a way that reflects self-awareness and progress toward your professional objectives.

3. What is the current state of the job market in my field?

Examining career prospects and predicted demand for a particular field can help you increase your chances of landing a job after graduation. Career counsellors have access to materials that might assist you in making decisions about your career during career counselling. You might also inquire about the types of jobs that your current major prepares you for. Majoring in a given subject can sometimes provide benefits in other fields. A psychology degree, for example, can aid in the development of communication and interpersonal skills, which can be transferred to other jobs. Even if you are not considering a job shift, knowing how particular professions are trending can be beneficial.

4. Would you be able to give me feedback on my resume and cover letter?

Your CV and cover letter are essential tools in the job search. Career counsellors have seen a lot of resumes during career counselling and are familiar with what employers look for when assessing them. Request that your career counsellor look through your résumé and provide input. They might also suggest additional talents or experiences to include in your resume. When you’re ready to apply for jobs, you might want to have your cover letter reviewed by a career counsellor. Your cover letter should be tailored to the position you are applying for. Your counsellor can provide you advice on how to make your cover letter stand out.

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5. How can I set myself apart from the competition?

Some positions are highly competitive, and you may be competing against a large number of other applicants. Your career counsellor can assist you in honing your interviewing skills and organizing your CV so that you stand out when applying for these positions. They might suggest things like putting your networking abilities to good use, emphasizing industry-specific skills on your CV, customizing your resume for the position, and crafting a strong objective statement.

6. How can I make the most of my time while studying?

If you want to return to school or are currently enrolled, your career counsellor can assist you in making the most of your education. Joining leadership programmes or taking up an internship while still in school might help you develop critical abilities. Your career counsellor can assist you in selecting activities and programmes that will help you develop the precise skills you will need in your chosen job. They can put you in touch with these resources so you can get the most out of your education. It may not be simple for every youngster to select the appropriate professional route, but with the right career counselling, young people may flourish in their chosen industries. Join CareerGuide if you have no idea how to plan your career. Many students have built great career pathways with the guidance of CareerGuide’s best career advisers.

By: Sananda Kumari

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