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Being a teenager is tough. You can have excessive time but no idea on the use of it. As the border kicks in adolescents, they kick everyone out of their lives and stick to “Netflix and chill”. It reduces productivity and interest, making them couch potatoes! It brings us to the question, ‘what shall we do then?’ Well, you can work! The child labor (prevention and regulation) amendment act allows adolescents (14-18) to work under non-hazardous work and process. Between 8 AM to 6 PM. If you are too bored to take up classes and learn things, you might as well work along with gain experience. It will help you gain some side income and a sense of independence.


If you read a lot, be it any language you understand and can write in, it’s time you start writing. Start your blogging page. If that’s overwhelming, then sign up for internships. There are company’s always looking for independent writers for their blog pages. It will give you help you understand deadlines and positive work stress. Also, it will help you grow out of your comfort space of writing.

Teaching online

The pandemic has introduced a difficult situation for us. In such time home tuition seems to be an impossible idea to adhere to. Hence you can always teach young kids (1st to 4th std). Your experience as a student will help them understand what is yet to come. Besides, you will learn people management and few ideas about finances.

Social media 

Social media management is the current trend. A lot of companies hire young teenagers as they spend most of their time on phones and understand as well know the trends that can help in advertising. By signing up for social media management, you will get a gist into the world of advertising.


Reviewing is an idea most of us are fond of. Yelp? Goodreads? IDBM? These are sites people often post opinionated reviews. Reviewing can be an actual job if you understand the element of reviewing. People have YouTube channels and blogs where products, concepts, music, movies, books, etc. are reviewed as a part of the job.

Library keeping 

This job is a boon for a reader. Sitting in a library and arranging books on shelves is a perfect job for a teenager. No hard labor and plenty of books to read.


As a matter of fact, any art form you produce such as canvas painting, sculpture, sketch, etc. can be sold online. If you are good at arts and crafts, feel free to create an online presence through social media and sell your work.  

Skill teaching 

Some of us are privileged to learn dancing, singing, music, etc. from professionals. It allows you to teach it to young kids who are trying to find a hobby at their age. Or you can just open up a channel on YouTube and teach what you already understand to the rest of the world. But make sure to keep polishing your skills from time to time.

Jewelry making 

With the rising trend of liking handmade jewelry, a lot of people sign up for the jewelry-making process and start their own small-scale business. Making artificial jewelry readily available elements is a good pass time and an easy way to make money. You will also understand the working of a small-scale business in the process.


Having a smartphone has indeed saved us from boredom, it can also make you productive if you use it well. Photography is a skill that requires practice. One can always sign up for the post of photo journalist intern for news organizations. As locals are always welcomed with news, teenagers can easily get to make money, learn and brush their skills.


YouTube is saturating yet, it is one’s job that can be done well just sitting home. Several people start a gaming channel or review, dancing, choreography, etc., and make money through their videos.

: By – Neha Pandey

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