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Nowadays it’s been a very important and confusing topic when we talk about careers. If we ask people about the most meaningful parts of their life, they will surely mention their careers. Choosing the type of career you want to do is one of the most important discussions you can ever make. At the time of selecting a career path, it can take more than a few weeks and months, as you continue learning what’s your need and what you want from a job? You always have an option to change your career path multiple times in your life. It’s an ability to make yourself choose a new career. To make these tough decisions a bit easier, here are a few tips that can help you to choose a career.


Before you go to make an important decision, it’s always a good idea to take your time and for self-reflection. Similarly choosing a career is not different. In this very step, you will reflect on what kind of environment you want to be in while working, what type of work you enjoy, with whom you want to work, and many more questions. While reflecting on yourself, note down the points you find important. They can be very helpful while you are evaluating your job descriptions later on.

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Identify your needs

In the second step, you have to identify what you must have in a job. These are the things you expect from your future job. These things can range from salary to location and many more things. It is very helpful if you take a question-answer activity while recording so you can know what you can’t be flexible with when it comes to your future. Do you want to earn a certain salary, are there any tasks which you don’t want to perform, is there any certain work environment where you cannot work and many more questions. Asking such questions to yourself will definitely help you to know what are your must-haves in a job. Also, if you are a person who wants to have a fixed salary, then you should avoid freelance work.

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Prepare a list of jobs

After understanding more about yourself and your needs. You can start looking for a job that seems interesting to you. Making a list of such jobs will help you to choose one from them. Sometimes you find a job you don’t know much about, so you can note that down and research it. By doing this you will surely end up finding an interesting career path which you have never thought of. Don’t forget that the job titles don’t really represent the actual job. Sometimes the title might not seem desirable but the job description can be good and interesting for you.

Alter your list

Once you’re done with preparing a list of jobs that you find is interesting, you can start researching and narrowing down that list. After exploring jobs that are interesting you can start researching each one of them and alter the serious career possibilities that can fit you. After all, your goal is to arrive at one or two career paths that fit you. To shortlist the list you can consider a few things like- getting more details about the job, salary, job requirements, growth opportunities, and many other things.

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Train yourself and work on your resume

Once you arrive at one or two career paths you can assess whether you need additional training or certifications. Some employers will provide on-the-job training and there are a few, who will look for candidates who already have those. To know about a specific job, you have to carefully review the job posting and look for the requirements which are needed. Also paying attention to the education and experience section is important. After determining the qualifications for the current path, you can update your resume and showcase your relevant skills and strengths which can attract potential employers. It is very helpful to explore job postings and understand what employers need in this industry and what kind of candidates they are looking for.

Start applying and continue growing while learning

After working on a resume and training yourself, you can go for the jobs. Start applying and prepare yourself for interviews. Sometimes you will take time to adjust to your new career. During this time you can pay attention to the parts of your job which you feel are interesting and you can continue growing and learning.

By: Varsha Yadav

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