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When most people imagine themselves as pilots, they envision themselves completing an integrated program and working as a First Officer for an airline, securely transporting passengers to and from various destinations. This is a dream come true for many ambitious pilots, and it accounts for the majority of job openings. However, we believe it is past time to mention some of the other intriguing job opportunities available to pilots!

In this article, we’ll go over 7 career choices for pilots that you may not have considered before.

Long Distance Ferrying

Is it the adventure you’re looking for? Then ferries could be right for you! Ferrying is the process of relocating a plane to a new base or owner, which sometimes involves flying a tiny plane farther than it was designed for.

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Aerial Fire Fighting

Fight wildfires from the air with air tankers and water bombers. Both a fireman and a pilot are fantastic jobs combined.

Air Taxi

Shorter flights, smaller planes, and on-demand are all possibilities. The title, i.e. Air Taxi is self-explanatory; it may not sound glamorous, but chauffeuring visitors around tropical islands doesn’t sound like a horrible profession to me. Plus, flip-flops and shorts are included with the outfit.

air taxi

Many people consider becoming an air ambulance pilot to be one of the most important occupations a pilot can have. The operation is rigorous and complex, with many variables that will put the pilots in difficult positions. It’s also a highly fulfilling pilot career that has a significant social impact. Everything from sending trauma teams to critically sick patients to patient transfer and emergency evacuations are all possible tasks for air ambulances.

Business Jet

Business jet pilots often fly small to medium-sized jet aircraft and are more involved in the trip planning process. Organizing flight plans, ground transportation at the location, and so on. Turnaround on these flights is usually less stressful than for airline pilots, because they typically wait for their customers to return from business meetings before returning to their origin or continuing on to another destination.

Pilots of business jets are required to be adaptable and give excellent service to their passengers. In exchange, they get to go to new and intriguing locations in a unique fashion not available to most other pilots. Being a business jet pilot is regarded to be as much a way of life as it is a job.

pilot, business jet


Freight pilots fly freight all over the world. The pilots must be particularly attentive of the type of cargo and load onboard instead of worrying about passenger difficulties. For freight pilots, night flying is fairly prevalent, so if you’re not a morning person, this could be ideal.

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Flight Instructor

How cool is it that flight instructors teach students how to fly planes? It’s one of the most satisfying occupations in aviation, with the added benefit of making you a better and more experienced pilot along the way. Because all students have different learning styles, you’ll need to become a master at teaching theoretical topics and demonstrating flying manoeuvres in a number of ways in order to provide the best learning experience for everyone.

When airlines begin hiring, pilots with teaching experience are also very attractive candidates because they have greater Pilot in Command time and flying experience, allowing them to become Captains in a quicker period of time. As your experience and skills as an instructor grows, you’ll be able to upgrade your license to teach more complicated flying, such as Instrument Training, Multi-Engine Training, and eventually training other Flight Instructors.

pilot, flight instructor

How to Begin a Career as a Pilot

If you wish to work in the aviation sector, these are just a few examples of possible pilot occupations to explore. These pilot occupations may even offer you an idea of the route you want to go with your aviation career if you read through them. Once you’ve decided the path you want to take in aviation, the next step is to figure out what kind of education and certifications you’ll need.

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By: Sananda Kumari

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