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Here are the 9 skills you need to become a Human resource/HR professional:

1. Organization

HR management necessitates a methodical approach. HR performance depends on well-organized files, good time management skills, and personal efficiency.

You’re dealing with people’s lives and careers here, so saying, “I’ll try to get to that if I have time,” whether a manager wants assistance with a termination, a compensation recommendation, or a recognition program, isn’t going to cut it.

2. Multitasking

An HR executive may deal with a personal issue with an employee one minute, an intermittent leave question the next, and a recruiting strategy for a hard-to-fill job the minute after that on a normal HR day. That’s not even taking into account social media, wage/hour, engagement, retention, and a slew of other factors, each of which is crucial to someone.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another in HR Manager. A who needs someone hired doesn’t care if you’re already assisting manager B who needs someone fired because priorities and business needs change quickly. You must be able to handle everything at once.


3. Dealing with grey

Is it discrimination? Is it harassment? A surprising number of the issues HR managers face are in the “grey area.” Is it a case of harassment? What does it mean to make a “reasonable” accommodation? To approve intermittent leave, how far back do you have to lean?

HR managers must be able to make decisions based on inadequate and “best available” information, and they must know when to seek professional assistance from colleagues, attorneys, and other specialists.

4. Negotiation

With grey comes the need to negotiate—there are frequently two or more conflicting viewpoints, and a skilled HR professional can establish a satisfactory middle ground. Remember that the purpose of negotiation is to have two sides who are happy with the outcome, which isn’t always simple to do.

HR skills

5. Communication

HR professionals must communicate with upper management, managers, potential employees, and current employees at all levels. They must do so in writing, in front of large and small groups, and, increasingly, on social media. They must be persuasive, sympathetic, and credible.

6. Discrete and ethical

HR professionals serve as the company’s conscience and custodians of confidential information. You monitor senior management’s activities toward employees while serving their needs to ensure that policies and regulations are followed.

To keep the firm on the straight and narrow, you must be able to push back when they aren’t. It is not a simple task! Of course, you always treat personal information with care and never reveal it to anyone who isn’t supposed to know.

Human resource

7. Dual focus

Human resources specialists are expected to advocate for employees’ problems, but you must also enforce top management’s regulations. The HR professional who masters this delicate balancing act earns the respect of all parties involved.

You must make decisions to defend the person at times, and you must also protect the organization, its culture, and ideals at other times. Some people may misunderstand your choices, and you may face backlash as a result, but you understand that explaining your choices could jeopardize secret information. You’d never do something like that.

8. Conflict management and problem-solving

Breaking news! Not everyone gets along with everyone else all of the time. High productivity necessitates that people collaborate at the very least civilly. HR needs to figure out how to make that happen. That’s not to mention the plethora of other issues that arrive in HR’s inbox—you can’t be productive unless you can solve problems.

9. Change management

Today’s businesses are in a perpetual state of flux. Task forces, matrices, and teams emerge, perform their functions, and disperse when new ones emerge. Hierarchies have been shattered, and corporations now employ four or five generations. What’s going on has a lot of people worried. HR must assist everyone in dealing with the ongoing changes.

By: Sananda Kumari

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