A Wide Range of Music Career Paths

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The music industry is not only about being a musician. There are many careers within the industry that offer different avenues for a variety of people. From artist managers and producers to sound technicians and engineers, there are diverse positions available in the music world. We will explore 10 different careers you can have in the music industry!

Artist Manager:

Artist managers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. They represent artists, promote their work and help handle any legal matters that may arise either via the record company or outside of it. This position necessitates multitasking abilities as well as previous experience of dealing with difficult personalities!


An engineer is someone who can take a raw idea and turn it into something usable. They are often involved in the technical aspects of recording, such as mic placement, sound quality, consistency, etc. Engineers have to be good at multitasking but also able to concentrate fully on one task at hand when necessary. Working with specific individual artists helps them hone their skills, which makes for a better overall product!


Music Producer:

Producers come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: they pay close attention to details. Producers ensure that songs sound good on playback by being prepared at every stage before recording begins, including having backup instruments and arranging vocals correctly, among other things. They also take into consideration how the song will sound when played back through speakers, headphones etc. The producer is often involved in shaping what fans hear, so this can be a very rewarding position.

Sound Designer/Composer:

These individuals are involved in all aspects of the process from beginning to end, including composing music or sound effects to enhance what viewers see on screen, as well as playing instruments such as guitars, drums, or keyboards during performance scenes or film sequences. A composer knows how sounds work together, so they will ensure that the music they write goes well with what people see happening on the screen!


Graphic Artist:

Working in a creative field is never easy, but it can be rewarding. Graphic artists may create images or designs for CD covers and promotional posters. They will need patience and an eye for detail while also being able to think outside of the box when needed. A designer has many different types of tools that make their jobs easier, so if you are good at one type, then use your talents wisely, because there’s always room for more designers out there!

Audio Engineer:

If you are interested in engineering, then this might be a good career choice for you. Audio engineers work with all sorts of equipment and software to create the perfect sounds. They will need to have an ear for quality while also being comfortable making decisions quickly on the spot; they could at times work long hours but it is worth it because there is such variety within their job. The following article has some useful information on what exactly graphic artists do!

Music is one of the most diverse industries, with different types of careers and roles. There are so many things that can be done to work within music, from song writing, production, instrument playing or even live performance! This article has been really helpful because it lists a few jobs which I hadn’t even considered before reading this article. It’s great when more opportunities open up, especially since it means more possibilities for people to use their skills and passions in the workforce.

By – Priyanka Dhillon

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