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Becoming a wildlife photographer is a harsh and difficult job. You have to be in the forest for days to get a particular, decent picture. As we speak of wildlife photography, we already know that it’s not a desk job where you can sit and work. It is full of adventures, you go to numerous places to capture the wildlife and the beauties that nature presents. Some days, you will be in the deserts to click pictures, and some other day you will be in the arctic shooting polar bears and so on. If you like adventure and you can live like a nomad, then just go for this career. A wildlife photographer is someone who knows his subjects, and a professional wildlife photographer is one who knows about the terrain he is setting his foot on.


First of all, let me tell you that there is no age limit to become a wildlife photographer. Anyone who has cleared their 10+2 exams is eligible for diploma courses or certificate courses in photography, which are as long as two to four years. Of course, you need to learn the skills and techniques of photography before you begin. You can do this by going to photography schools or attending online programs. There are institutions like the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), National Institute of Design (NID), and Canon Education Portal providing wildlife photography courses.

‌Are You Eligible to become a wildlife Photographer. Become A Professional Wildlife Photographer

Skills Required

A wildlife photographer needs to know everything about the subject he/she is capturing and should know how to blend in with nature and be patient. He/She must know how to work in all weather conditions, whether it is hot, humid, rainy, night or day. A wildlife photographer must know skills like camping & hiking. Basic survival skills must be learned before stepping foot in the wild, as you don’t know what is waiting for you out there. You need to work out, maintain your health, and for building stamina to be outdoors without getting sick. A wildlife photographer must know some things about photography software, and also a little bit about computers. Having knowledge about photography equipment is a must.

Skills Required

‌Talking About Career

Starting with a degree in zoology before starting with a career in wildlife photography gives you a better understanding of animals, their living style, their mating, etc. Knowing how to act when you encounter any of the wild beings is an added advantage. As in this career, professionals share their work with media agencies, wildlife NGOs, etc. Wildlife photography professionals who work as a freelancer, usually, they take projects from magazines, newspaper editors, ad agencies, and so on. After re-licensing their work, they can even exhibit their clicked photos in museums. Wildlife photography professionals also earn by giving workshops and they can earn a little fame by organizing an exhibition of their pictures. 

‌Talking About Career, Become A Professional Wildlife Photographer


As we speak about the salary, let me tell you that wildlife photography professionals are freelancers, and it is very difficult or hard to guess the exact salary or money they earn. But as we know for experienced professionals, the sky is the limit. A person, at the very beginning, can expect a salary ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹10,000. And talking about some professionals you can easily earn from ₹30,000 to ₹5,00,000 a month. It solely depends upon you, upon your connections, upon your communication skills, upon your photography skills. Earns as much as you can, you and your performance are the deciding factors.

Stipend, v

‌Wildlife Photographer

Try getting a camera as early as you can. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just try buying something in your budget and start clicking photos of any animal or bird you find in your way, in your surroundings. The earlier you get a hold of your camera, the earlier your career in wildlife photography will start. As I said before, there is no age limit in the field of wildlife photography. You can pursue any certification course or any diploma courses or attend workshops for making a better portfolio. One can also get a degree in photojournalism for starting this career or you can also go for a degree in zoology. With photography skills, one should also know nature. And for backing yourself up, you must know the skills about editing photos and using computers.

Wildlife Photographer, Become A Professional Wildlife Photographer


Every career is challenging so is a career in wildlife photography, so don’t get worried. If you are willing to do it, if you are committed to being the best in the world, then it will be fun. As long as you enjoy the process, everything will be fine.

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