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The cryptocurrency space is growing at an exponential rate and not just in terms of the coin’s market but also in capitalization. From 2017 the number of working people is 3 times more as cryptocurrency has grown.  The size of the cryptocurrency job market will continue to grow in 2021 too.

There are 16,000 professionals in the blockchain world. And 50,000 more jobs are filled between now and then. Developers, lawyers, marketers, writers, who are working in the Crypto space, are also earning well.  There are thousands of job openings in the Crypto space today.

How to find Cryptocurrency Jobs

With the help of Google’s job search which compiles many job listings. Take the help of the site listings there. Find the industries that are growing nowadays like artificial intelligence, crypto, decentralization, etc. You can also start from an internship or by volunteering and reach out to startups.

Use free education to your advantage, Coursera, Udemy, etc. Have a good updated resume and portfolio learn graphic design, UI/ UX, writing, JS, back end, front end, leadership skills, blogging, finance, communication, etc. Make accounts on Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor, and also on Linkedin.


Career in Cryptocurrency 

Big cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and depending upon the headquarters there are the vast majority of crypto job opportunities. This opportunity is heavily concentrated in either city that has a large tech presence, or cities that have a large finance presence. This way you can find jobs or do a better jobs search.

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It is difficult to find skilled people, especially in this industry. Companies definitely look for candidates, prepare yourself if you are really passionate about this field. According to LinkedIn, New York City is the largest place for crypto jobs right now, San Francisco second and LA on third. The size of a company and requirements in the company have a direct impact on job openings. 

Non-tech Jobs: Here are non-tech job areas where you can find opportunities:

Sales: It is more like educating people for this field rather than normal sell-type jobs.


Marketing: Getting people into this field.

Project management: Pull the whole team together is an important job.

Financial Analysis: Companies need persons to work on back ends and manage finance-related work.

Account Executive: Dealing with clients and working and maintaining a good relationship with them. 

Technical Writing: Writing the product description and other related work. If you are good at writing it is a good job area too.

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Opportunity Areas

The vast majority of jobs are going to be technical jobs. Then site reliability engineer or some type of technical project management job. Most of the companies that are working in the crypto space right now are building technology.

Then there are opportunities as a marketing specialist and community management. Legal roles, business development, investment side, analysis roles, research analyst, etc are areas in this industry where you can look for an opportunity.  

Project Management, how to become a cryptographer

Job Hunting:

There are also some pros as well as cons of working in this field:


  • The first step to getting a job in Cryptocurrency is to ask yourself that this is really the career path you want to take because working in cryptocurrency is not for everyone.
  • The cryptocurrency industry is resilient to things like global pandemics because almost all Crypto-related jobs can be done. This means more Crypto jobs are created and needed. Thus no discrimination in this job industry.
  • You can easily find yourself at companies like Binance, and Masari in coming times.
  • You will never stop learning and growing. And you can go from a part-time job to a full-time job.
  • Best digital investment and technology, you will never be going to bored.
  • A cryptocurrency job doesn’t require work experience to start.


  • It’s all or nothing. If cryptocurrency is going to end in the upcoming years it will be hard to find a new job.
  • Communication skill is also important with the knowledge of the crypto field. 
  • Experience has nothing to do that much in this field as in the other fields.
  • No many advantages as a freelancer in this field.
  • From a genders perspective, we can say that it is a male-centric industry.
  • If you are working outside of the crypto industry in any top position then also it is really difficult to work in the crypto industry. 

cryptocurrency job market

Extra tips:

  • Find the roles where you can add the most value. 
  • The company’s website is itself a good place to look for an opportunity.
  • Connections play important role in this industry.
  • There are tech and non-tech jobs in this field too.
  • Projects all over the world need various types of professionals.

By: Priya Panwar 

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So this is the end of the post Career Opportunities in Cryptocurrency Industry. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.