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If we gave heed to our daily activities, we would have realized the importance of information and communication in our lives. Regardless of whether it is about our work, instruction, recreation exercises, medical services, voyaging, amusement, or even close to home connections, the convictions we have, the qualities we hold, how we act, and the choices we make, all this depends on the influence of mass media or journalism.

Also, since we are in a period of constant computerized changes, the impact of mass media on our lives is simply going to get greater and all the more impressive. Due to this solid impact, mass correspondence turns out to be so significant and quite possibly the most sought-after vocation choices. In any case, fortunately, there will be a lot of organizations just as professional openings in the media and media outlets in the years to come.

New Age Careers Picking Up Momentum

A whole new world of possibilities is opening up with the influence of mass media growing exponentially. The tremendous field of media and diversion is bringing forth interesting Jobs that won’t just offer a promising future however will likewise give immense creative satisfaction.


If you get a kick out of catching and re-splitting reports, at this point towards the fact that news coverage is your actual calling! A vocation in news-casting is intended for the individuals who have a sure character, individuals who have great composition and introduction ability. The capacity to convey data precisely and briefly is an indication of a decent columnist. Other than that, great relational abilities, a curious bowed of the psyche. capacity to recognize reality and fiction, affability, knowledge, mindfulness, and ability to deal with unexpected circumstances are a portion of the characteristics that one ought to must-have to have a profession in journalism. While the work can be demanding and thrilling simultaneously, the odds of making progress in this field are multiplied when enthusiasm is blended with hard work. 

Journalism: New Age Careers Picking Up Momentum: Career Options Journalism And Mass Media

In the recent couple of years, journalism has been divided into many different sorts dependent on its beat. This characterization has added more profundity and measurement to this clear and flexible field. In this article, we will talk about a portion of the different kinds of journalism.

Investigative Journalism

Investigative Journalism is about uncovering realities and cases, where a Journalist might be needed to go through months or even years doing in-depth research and setting up a report. Under this type of journalism, a journalist profoundly investigates cases like serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate misbehavior. A specialization in investigative journalism will mean investigating stories to expose scams.

Investigative Journalism: New Age Careers Picking Up Momentum: Career Options Journalism And Mass Media

Fashion Journalism

As the name suggests, Fashion Journalism is all about keeping individuals refreshed with the most stylish trends and improvements. The work of fashion journalists is to cover the recent happenings in the fashion world. If you like writing about the latest trends, then you can become a fashion writer/ blogger, fashion critique, or fashion reporter. You can work with newspapers, magazines, websites and you can even write blogs. Besides, there are many TV channels solely dedicated to fashion, which gives ample opportunity to those who have an interest in fashion journalism.

Fashion Journalism: Career Options Journalism And Mass Media

Sports Journalism

India is a country where cricket is worshipped like no other religion. But of late more and more sports like archery, chess, football, boxing hackney, etc. have gained popularity and if the funding is right, then there is huge scope for all of the other sports as well. And if you are a sports enthusiast and you like to pen your thoughts, you should consider writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites. As a Sports Journalist, you may likewise be needed to cover games exhibitions, remarks and assessments of players, and so on. What’s more, you can likewise fill in as a media facilitator, or a correspondence agent for an athletic affiliation or sports group.

Sports Journalism: Career Options Journalism And Mass Media

Environmental Journalism

Undoubtedly environmental safety is a priority today. Thus, it is even more essential to have journalists who are keen on covering news identified with the environment and its protection and conservation. While this type of journalist is still at a level opening stage, it has a bright future keeping in mind the effects of global warming in our world. The job of environmental journalists is to report any news related to the environment so people can make informed and wise decisions, environmentally

Environmental Journalism: Career Options Journalism And Mass Media


India is the largest producer of films in the world and has ample opportunities for those who aspire to be a part of the Indian film industry. Unlike other career options, you don’t need any specific degree to enter this field. To gain some technical knowledge to kick start your career in the entertainment industry, you can work for TV channels or production houses. A great deal of commitment, dedication, and service of personal time is required by this field. On the brighter inside, it provides job satisfaction, good man fame, and fame. Film making has become such a major business in India that the job opportunities in this field are developing significantly.


Following are some career options in the belt of filmmaking:

Animation Expert

Animation is a blend of entertainment and technology industry, where an expert in animation is concerned with designing, drawing, layout, and production of graphically rich and attractive multimedia clips. If you have a passion for animation and good sketching skills, then the animation industry is your gateway to the career of your interest. You can go for a degree or diploma in animation for better job prospects.

Animation Expert: Career Options Journalism And Mass Media


Do you think you are a storyteller? The art and craft of writing scripts for Feature Films/TV shows/Computer Games/Cartoons are what screenwriting is all about. A screenwriter also called a scriptwriter, uses his imagination to put together dialogues, characters, and a storyline to create a movie script. Scriptwriters are the most important people in film production because it is because of their work that directors, producers, actors get something to work on in the first place.

Screenwriting: Career Options Journalism And Mass Media


Video Editing is part of post-production in a movie. A professional in this field put together the best shots and sound, and the outcome is what we see on our television screens and movie theatres. The job of a video editor is to edit the raw footage and put together the best shots to create a sequence, as per the script of a movie/ TV show. Video editing is a good option for you if you’d like to get into film making and take up a job that is creative and practical.



If you wish to take up acting as a career, then talent is the key to unlock the door of opportunities. The job of an actor is to bring characters and situations in a script to life using speech, body language, and movement. To excel in this area, you need to be passionate, versatile, adaptable, hardworking, dedicated, and committed. If performing gives you a high, then acting is the way you can unleash your talent and creativity.

Acting: Career Options Journalism And Mass Media

While these are just a few options in the media category, some of the other new-age career options could be Celebrity Manager, Advertising, Public Relations, and Radio Jockey, etc. There are a plethora of newer options coming out with each passing year, out of the sheer need to upgrade and develop with the latest technology.

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