Creative careers you should pursue if you have the talent

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In today’s world what the society actually lacks is the flow of creativity. The typical society always talks about having creativity and skills, but the point of hypocrisy is whether they accept people with their dreams in the fields different from the mainstream or academic fields. People often do not view the creative fields as a proper thing to be engaged into. Until and unless you treat the creative talents as a part of your extracurriculars, they show interest and huge support. As soon as you decide to invest your life into it by choosing it as one of your careers, the world falls apart.

Parents do not view the creative fields as a proper source of income or a safe means to earn a living. The concern is not unfounded. There are a lot of challenges you can face in the creative fields. But you always have to consider the fact that there is no field in this world that doesn’t include challenges and barriers. No field no career option in this world is easy and therefore it will be a regret if we don’t take a shot in the creative world despite the skills and talents. There are many inspirational figures who have proved that you will definitely shine if you find the proper direction of the light.

Right Skill = Bright Future

In today’s world the opportunities and grooming organizations for the creative talents has increased a lot, therefore it’s easier to get involved. But definitely, with increasing opportunities the challenges and the competition has also increased and only the “cream della cream” can get to the stage, but the trainings and all the processes which help you to polish your talent gives you the very reason to believe that you have the potential to be the best and shine.


Career in the film line:

The film industry can be the epicenter of different categories of employment and fields. Against the common misconception of acting being the most popular career in this field, there are many other categories which are touching high popularity records in the recent times. Careers in film making and cinematography is indeed getting more loved.

Creating the correct background of the movie and settling for the correct angle, directing the film, taking the decision and choosing the proper cast are the major parts which are equally important in the film industry other than the actors involved. Many writers find their passion in shaping the whole film by writing the heart touching and the striking script, playing the most important part. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata, Whistling Woods international, Mumbai are some of the best options to groom yourself in these fields.


Career in sports:

Just like the film industry there is the common misconception of the career of the sportsperson being the most important job in the sports industry. It is a whole process. There is the jobs of a sports trainer, the coach to look keep the sportsman in practice. The physical therapist and the nutritionist takes care of the sportsmen, and the lawyers take care of the legal matters.

The individuals with high knowledge of the field and with the skill of words become the sports journalists, all working for the sports industry. There is no reason to believe that its impossible to become a recognized sportsperson if you have the skills. International Institute of Sports Management, Mumbai, MBA ESG, Bengaluru, Symbiosis school of Sports Science, Pune are some of the best institutes of sports management. There are also several training institutes available to help you polish your skills.

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Career in fashion:

The fashion industry is also the amalgamation of different stages and different jobs contributing for the big outcome. With the proper eye for fashion and the mind full of creativity and a sense of trends you can give a try in the fashion world. There is an array of jobs ranging from the fashion designer, the textile designer, the textile maker, head designer to the Art director, visual merchandiser and the fashion editor. Again a person with knowledge and language skills become the fashion journalist. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi, Vogue Institute of Art and Design, Bangalore, Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune are some of the best institutes.

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Career in music and dance:

There is no reason to think that music or dance can stick solely as a hobby. If you have the talent and dedication, you should definitely make it as your career option as it has those types of opportunities available. There is again a range of career options in the music industry ranging from the record producer, musician, songwriter to the jobs of audio engineering and audio publishers.

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By: Srija Dutta

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