How to become a Choreographer

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You might want to become a choreographer if you’re a dancer who feels inspired to come up with new dance moves, and interpretations. A bachelor’s or master’s degree can help you understand the theory of dance and its origin in-depth, but the experience is the most important component for a performer.

Choreographers are experienced artists who create staged productions to express moods and ideas through dance. The majority of choreographers are artists who have been practicing and working since childhood.

What does a choreographer do?

Choreographers create new interpretations by creating original dance plays and steps. They instruct and lead actors in films, plays, and reality shows. Most people learn a variety of dance styles in order to better demonstrate their artistic vision and creativity. A choreographer would likely audition dancers for a piece, decide the costumes, stage design, and lighting, and select the music as well, depending on the scale of the production/show. Choreographers may be self-employed, or they can work for a single dance company.

About Choreographer


The majority of aspiring choreographers further work and improve their dance skills and forms by enrolling in a dance school. Some dance styles necessitate years of practice and dedication, and children as young as four years old begin intensive training in these dance forms.

There are no fixed requirements for becoming a choreographer; it is entirely dependent on one’s own abilities and dance style. Some dancers and choreographers seek post-secondary schooling. Many fine arts colleges and universities deliver bachelor’s and master’s degrees in dance. Some choreographers begin without a formal education, the majority of choreographers go to a dance school or institute to brush up on their skills.

Eligibility To Become Choreographer

Types Of Job Roles For Choreographer

Choreographers: Choreographers face fierce competition for employment, and a lot of actors began their careers as assistants to existing choreographers. However, with advancements in the world of journalism, choreographers now have a wide range of career opportunities.

Dance instructors and teachers: Dance instructors and teachers lead dance workshops for individuals or groups of people. They work at schools, universities, and colleges.

Freelance Dance Performance Artists: These individuals do not work full-time but participate in a variety of dance performances and competitions and work on a contract basis.

Types Of Job Roles For Choreographer

Creative Director: Many choreographers go on to become creative directors, and their role is to understand and execute the artistic vision of the person or director they are working with. They are in charge of choreographing, arranging, and coordinating the performance.

Dance Critic: They are in charge of watching live dance performances/shows to offer critiques. Based on their expertise and understanding, dance reviewers assess the content of dance performances and dance styles.

Top Recruiting Companies For Choreographers

  • UTV Motion Pictures
  • Balaji Telefilms
  • Eros International
  • Ashley Lobo Danceworx
  • Bhartiya Natya Academy
  • Rajshri Productions
  • T-Series

Pay Scale/Salary Of Choreographer

A choreographer’s pay is determined by the industry in which they work. While choreographers who work in films and production houses receive far more than those who work in colleges, dance troupes, or as freelancers, they do not have a set wage.

Pay Scale/Salary Of Choreographer

Become A Choreographer

To become a choreographer, one must have extensive professional experience within chosen dance style. It would be advantageous if you have ties, connections, or a network. When in high school and college, make sure you have a good foundation and some experience. If you are accepted into a successful dance school, you will gain valuable experience and the opportunity to partner with well-known industry professionals.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Working As A Choreographer


Choreographers have the opportunity to share their artistic passion in a way that few other careers allow. Top choreographers are recognized in the industry for their work.

A choreographer’s job entails a variety of responsibilities. They are in charge of the music, costumes, and other aspects which gives the viewer an unforgettable experience. Established choreographers have the opportunity to meet well-known people and celebrities, as well as travel the globe while choreographing dance shows.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Working As A Choreographer


They regularly devote hours or days to bring together a dance performance, teaching dancers the arrangements. This may be very frustrating, and they can sustain serious injuries while dancing as well. In comparison to other occupations in the industry, choreographers are paid very little.

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