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You might want to quit your 9-to-5 job and be at your home, on your brand-new gaming chair, put on your RGB Headphones, and play the game you wanted to, but you couldn’t because of your job. And it’s a wonderful thing when you earn money while doing the thing you love because at that time work doesn’t feel like work. It’s rather an instrument of enjoyment. Becoming an E-Sports Gamer and competing in tournaments is not an easy thing, though. You need to have the patience to sit in front of a system all day. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a professional E-Sports player. Playing in leagues and tournaments requires pure skill, and you need to hustle for that. Otherwise, you can also be a game streamer, and entertain the masses.

‌Finding the Right Game

For becoming a pro-gamer and making a career out of it, you’ll have to upgrade your skills, specifically at one game, because the very best and most exceptional players only become pro-gamers and can earn money by participating and winning the competitions for that one particular game. Keep in mind that it’s no good being a “jack-of-all-games” and a master of none. Becoming a god of gaming and being better than others takes hours of practice, and you’ll have to pick a game you’re most skilled at and stick with it. Enhance your skills until you become “OP” (overpowered) in that game. Games like CS: GO, LOL, DOTA 2, Call Of Duty, PUBG, and Fortnite, all have competitive leagues where there’s money to be made by the ones who can smash the competition. And you need a lot of patience in finding and mastering a game that suits you best.

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It’s a fine question to ask yourself, whether you are a console gamer, like Xbox or PlayStation, or are you a PC Gamer. Each has its own player base, and its leagues and tournaments. These days if you are a Nintendo fan, then it’s the right time for you because Nintendo Switch recently announced its inclusion in the tournament. Usually, a large section of console games is focused on 1v1 Fighting, like Tekken, Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom, etc., but these days a variety of games are coming up with their own tournaments. But even if you do not want to participate in a tournament, or you’re good at a single-player game, you can always show off your skills by live-streaming on platforms like Twitch and Youtube, and also set speed-running world records, which are very popular amongst gamers. To get more views on your videos you may try to buy Twitch viewers as well. 

‌Watch Professionals

These days it’s so easy to watch and analyze professionals due to live-streaming getting its fair share of recognition. The best part is, you don’t have to pay anything to watch the pros play a game. Just sit and watch their way of playing and make note of what is happening in the game and how the professional is strategizing the game. For sure, there is more than one way of playing a game and even more ways of mastering a particular skill set. Because video games are even more complicated than real life, and you cannot win by using a single technique each time.

Professional Streamer, How To Become A Professional Gamer

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To have some food on your table, you need to build a network. Networking is something that gives you greater opportunity to advance your career. Hanging out with other gamers, and playing with them will automatically give you some popularity and help you be a game streamer, while also advancing your career as a pro player. You can also make a fan base by streaming online and can earn money by doing just that. But live-streaming and going on to be a league player are two different things. To create the network you need to do everything you can. Go online and watch professional streams, and also try to engage with different streamers because being on a stream with a professional gamer will eventually help the viewers see you as a professional gamer, and the more you interact with them the more you will get recognized for your skills.

Online E-Sports, How To Become A Professional Gamer


Practicing your skills will only get you so far if you need to become a professional gamer. If your gear isn’t up to the mark, then you’re never going to have a competitive edge over your opponents. Think of your equipment as your teammate, and try to work in peace together for the utmost results. If you’re gaming on PC, then you need to invest in a gaming mouse that meets your requirement, like adjustable DPI for faster and better aiming, side buttons for more functionality, wireless to just make it look better and remove the hassle of entanglement. Always select a mouse that suits your playing style, so that you feel satisfied after each match. SteelSeries gives a range of professional-grade and multi-award-winning gaming mice.

Gear for Gaming, Logitech, How To Become A Professional Gamer

Logitech also provides some of the most exceptional gaming mice, but there have been reports of the mice getting dysfunctional after a small period of time, and replacement takes even longer. Not only a mouse but a proper keyboard, headphones, etc. are also important factors that can take you from being a “noob” to being “pro”. Logitech, Razer, and Corsair have some of the best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, and they come with RGB functions too, to make your gaming space look aesthetic. Headphones, not only provide you with audio output, but they are essential for gamers playing Shooters, to pin-point their opponents. As a PC gamer, you should regularly check your system, making sure your processor does not overheat and that its thermal paste hasn’t dried off, your GPU is not outdated, your RAM is not getting obsolete, and that your PC is well ventilated and cooled. Cleaning your PC now and then can also do wonders.


If you are a console gamer though, you need to check up on your controller, whether it is working properly or not. To enhance your skills, you can use thumb grips over your joystick to improve your aim or movement and enhance your timing. Moreover, there are controllers in the market from third-party brands like Scuf, that provide more programmable buttons at the back of the controller for increased usability, and their controllers are authentic and durable as well. If you are looking to buy a new controller, just make sure you don’t pick up a fake one.


Your monitor is also a very important part of your gaming setup. All of your gaming equipment needs to labor in sync, so it can bear with you and enable you to be the best version of yourself, gaming-wise. Your monitor should be at least a 60Hz monitor along with minimal reaction time for better performance. Not only a good monitor will give you a smoother performance with better visuals, but it will also enable you to be better at games that require timing.

Gaming Monitors, How To Become A Professional Gamer


As we all know, every career has its own difficulties, and no career can be built in a day. So just try to be calm and work regularly. Being in a league and winning is something different, and streaming is a different career, but they both help you in earning money even while playing your favorite game.

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