How To Become A Professional Public Speaker

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Do you all get nervous whenever told to speak in front of this great audience? If you are one among them, welcome to the journey! To convert you into a better public speaker, I’m not going to tell you to stand up straight and steer clear of verbal “padding,” speak clearly or sit on the fence from reading from your slides. That was apparently your class presentation custom back in high school.

Now, I must reveal that I share, not as one who has so far accomplished greatness, but has experienced from one who wants to become a better public speaker and, someday, a great speaker. So, I am here sharing the thoughts of some great speakers that you need to acknowledge. Many have obtained knowledge through their experience, and the techniques that need to be grasped. You need to focus on some things. 

Instead, work on what converts a mere speaker to a professional. Your achievement isn’t only what’s recorded in your portfolios, but also the devolution and stamping, and the experience, you give your audience. Here are some tips which you can focus on to become one:

Solve A Problem

Always focus on the subject. As a speaker, you could go on stage and describe a thrilling story about how you dived off a cliff and saved yourself through a parachute on the way down. Yes, that’s would be a great story to listen to, and it would make a great audience. But you have to make sure that your audience is not just there to listen to your funny stories but to be taught and inspired. Therefore, you should ask yourself before performing, “What problem am I solving?” If you share the story about diving off the cliff and opening the parachute, and that ” it’s not the jump that kills you, it’s the fall”, then come after with the importance of realizing on your feet and taking risks. As you write a speech, always think about what it’s going to be and how it’s going to be. 

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Always Know The Target Audience

Make sure you are aware of who is receiving that message. It is mandatory to understand what the audience needs and wants to hear because your main task is to fulfill your target audience’s needs. Unless and until you are giving the exact message to the right audience the message may not have the desired effect as if the same message was given to the correct audience. Acknowledging and absorbing or excluding some points from your message and you can point up how receptive your audience is to your message.

Be Prepared With Some One-Liners

Nowadays, most audience has their phones out during a presentation looking to tweet or post something they’ve learned. It is always great for you to get social media exposure. You can make anything trend by adding a hashtag to the caption. Therefore, you can make this as easy as possible.


Focus On Building Your Public Image

One of the most important and basic things in the path to becoming a great public speaker is – Public. To grow as a speaker, you must make a public image, whether it be a website, magazine, blog, Instagram. You can use these mediums to promote as much as you can. All your past engagements, reliability to your image by listing your expertise and achievements, and is an easy way to contact you for future speaking engagements.

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Be Flexible

Realize that there will not be a plethora of options for you to choose from once you start to speak. At first, some offers that may come your way may not be on your best topic. However, “constructing your brand” takes time. Each opportunity that you grasp, adds to your credibility until you have the privilege to choose between offers.

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Practice, Practice, And Practice

Focus on every available opportunity that you get to speak, as only intentional and continual practice will enhance your talent as a public speaker. You can try some things to build confidence

  • Speak in front of your mirror at home.
  • Take speaking work at your job.
  • Give your name in a public speaking course at institutions.


I once read that reading is fundamental. It is basic in the field of public speaking as well. Reading subsumes any of the other tips on this list. It is another way to heighten your knowledge base and gain knowledge from the best in the business. It is not a coincidence that many of today’s best speakers are also keen readers. So, as you cross on the journey to becoming the greatest public speaker, take time to read a book or two on the way!

read books, books, a public speaker, How To Become A Professional Public Speaker, public speaking, confident speaker

Fabricate Your Fee

This is hard to fix, so first, look at the market. What are other speakers charging? What can you offer that makes you more valuable and worthy?

These are some of the things which you can keep in mind before starting this journey and you can complete your journey slowly by enjoying every bit of it. 

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