How To Become A Professional Public Speaker?

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Are you interested in public speaking and want to be a professional public speaker? Here are some tips on how to become a professional public speaker!

Define Your Area Of Expertise

The first step to becoming a public speaker is to find out your area of expertise. What are you good at? What are you passionate about? What unique perspective do you have to offer? When you answer these questions you will figure out what you will talk about on the stage. For example- If you have studied marketing in school. That would give you the knowledge and expertise needed to speak about marketing. Also, think about other areas where you have experience. Give it a shot! If that topic ends up being too deep you can always explore it later.

Identify Your Target Audience

After finding what you want to say, you will be able to identify who would benefit from hearing your peace of mind. Which age group would like to hear your message? What’s their career? Where do they live? This will also help you determine which examples and words you should use to communicate your points most effectively.

Target Audience

Offer Some Laughs

When speaking on the stage you should make people laugh to hold their interest. You might have a really inspiring story and lots of fine lessons to share, but if the audience isn’t entertained, you may not get booked. Using jokes will increase the value of your speaking.


You cannot be confident about your set without practice. To get the practice by seeking opportunities to speak in front of people you know. Then try the same in front of a small audience which will help you calm your jitters and make you feel more comfortable with the material and also ask for feedback, both on your material and on your performance.

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Avoid Cold Calling

There is no point in cold calling when you’re just starting. If you don’t have experience, no stranger is going to hire you. So you should focus on building a network and creating personal connections with people who might hire you in the future. You should talk about your new career in public speaking as you never know who has connections and who might need a speaker. You can attend industry-specific events to focus on networking.

Create A Website

You should create a website. Your website should have a headshot, bio, titles, and summaries of your keynotes, testimonials, video footage, social media links, a contact form, and instructions for booking. You can include everything about you like your schedule for the next few months so people can notice that you are in demand.

Create A Website, make your own website

Communication Skills

With good content, it is also important how you deliver your message. You can take communication classes and can also join a public speaking group or hire a speaking mentor to help you develop better communication skills. You can try recording yourself speaking and watch it later which will help you to learn more about your gestures, body language, and speaking habits so you can improve.

Have A Clear Ending

You should have a clear ending so that the people get to know that you have finished your speech because it is awkward to get slow claps. After all, the audience gets confused that the speaker is finished or just pausing. Have a strong, clear ending that motivates even the person who is on the phone to stand up and clap.

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Start With Local Events

There are numerous speaking opportunities available in your city/town or the nearby area. Local events might not seem exciting and big but they will help you gain the credibility you need to expand your career. You cannot just jump into nationwide events right away. So starting with a small local venue will open doors for you to speak at larger and larger events over time as you will learn how to become a professional public speaker.

Keep Updated On The Latest Issues And Topics

A great public speaker not only has a message to deliver but also speaks on issues and topics relevant to society at present. You can only speak about current events when you know about them. Keep updated by following the news, staying in tune with the current trends and topics on Twitter and Facebook, checking the top web searches on Google and Bing, and do appropriate research and find a unique way to approach the issue.

By- Charu Chain

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