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With changing time and technology software industry jobs are changing too. Computer and IT is one of the best careers after 12th if you are a science student. As a software engineer, there are different job options students can get. 

Working as a software professional is a rewarding career and will give working on exciting projects with good team members. If you are really good with your work you will be promoted and paid well. Readout here to know more about different aspects of the software field. Google, Apple ditch college degree requirements. And with a good track record of your work you can work in the big companies. Here are few tips to help you in your career:

The Fastest Way to Get a Job in the Software Field

Nowadays lots of aspirants are working in the software industry without having a software background. Students from non-IT and IT fields both can do the job in the software industry. Students should need to be clear about the particular area in which they want to go. Because there are so many things to learn and without the road map it can take double the time in getting a good job. There are different software professional profiles. And pay scale varies according to the position, skills, experience, etc.

Some top field role options you can take are: 

  • SDE (Software Development Engineer): Field will give exposer for front end developer, back end developer, mobile app developer, cross-platform development, etc.
  • DevOps Engineer: Maintaining deployment-related requirements. Computer networking, operating system, etc. 
  • Data engineer: Dealing with data. Cleaning data, making uniform data, automating things, etc. 
  • Data analyst: Analyzing data and good ms excel skills. Using visualizing tools to know the growth of a particular area, product, etc. 
  • Data scientist: Experience is really important in the field. Working on predicted analyzed results is the main task.
  • Quality assurance engineer: Handling mainly bug-related things. Testing, troubleshooting, etc concepts should be strong.

software professional, software engineer

Software Engineering World, Pros, and Cons

Most of the industries are connected to the software industry. And it affects both in negative and positive ways. Software professionals have good growth, salaries and are provided with good facilities. In good companies, employees get good food, a gym, and sports facilities. Good exposure with people, you will get a lot of good people to work with. 

Work culture creates lots of health issues, lots of sitting, and online work is part of this job. After working years in the industry professional switches for other jobs because of this reason. And if you are from a non-IT field you will feel hard to get into the routine. There is no job security and if you are starting from a startup company it will be hard in starting. The computer field is giving more aspirants than required. The software field is a competitive field, in starting if you are unable to survive you will feel lost in the job.

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Tips for Aspirants

  • After learning a particular programming language or certification course keep learning but instead of waiting students should start applying for interviews. It will give them experience and understanding of the industry.
  • Don’t decide on a single programming language know quite a few of them. 
  • Skills are most important, especially in the software field. 
  • Interest matters with salary, without interest you will feel exhausted.
  • Students who are not from the IT field should give time to learning as well as to build interest and one should start from easy concepts or language.

software industry, programming languages

  • With your learning phase start building projects too. Good projects will give you good job opportunities. 
  • Working in the industry demands lots of work on a computer if you can not sit and work for a number of hours then think before going for this field.
  • There is a lot of learning. If you do not like any computer language and its concepts then go for career counseling before going into the field. 
  • Learn with understanding instead of memorizing everything and concepts.
  • Take care of your health too, go to the gym and eat healthily. 

Software Industry and Future

With time lots of jobs are gone therefore without skills companies not pay aspirants for work. Automation, outsourcing, replacements are the main reasons that affect people working in the industry. In India, job availability is less compared to job aspirants. In the upcoming 10 years to 15 years, things will change the faster way as they are now. So every working area evolves with time, therefore what you can do:

  • As a software professional be creative and updated with technologies. If you don’t get updated with the latest skills, it will be hard to survive in the market.
  • Rejection from the job is not bad, learn from experience and grow.
  • Learning is a lifetime in this field because technology and jobs keep changing and evolving. 


By: Priya Panwar

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