What do you mean by “Unemployed diary”

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“Unemployed” is the word used mostly to disrespect, disregard and belittle the position of a man in the ranks of the society, the word which can be a nightmare to the hard-working teenagers, a mark of failure and lack of worth. But the actual question is, does it really indicate failure and the fact that you’re a man unworthy of respect. In order to know that lets get to the definition of employment in todays society.

It doesn’t really depend on how you twist your values, how you are actually living as an employed individual. We live in a society where a drug racket employee is called employed by the society, but a writer whose works have not yet been published is called unemployed. There is a whole race out there.

No time to breathe, no time to explore, no time to invent. We live in a society where the robots called office workers are taken as employed, but the street graffiti artist whose art is not yet making many monetary profit is taken to be the unemployed person undeserving of respect. Unemployed is no more a term, it’s no more just the definition, it has become the excuse of insults and making a skilled and talented individual an attractive laughingstock. 


Art stands far from dignified; skills seem to be measured on a monetary scale, no sense of values, no sense of human emotions, that’s exactly what we can call the world of the unemployed. The other and also a serious issue is the societal process. There is no time! People run like crazy, use all there means, all their years and efforts to buy a big house, a big car and a beautiful lifestyle.

There is no time of simplicity. People are guided through the tiresome paths of education and years of hard work and toxic dedication in order to get themselves promised with a proper job and a proper, stable living, family security and every simple desire that the person has.


But at the end of the day they cannot provide each of them the fruit of their hard work. Jobs are so less that highly qualified people roam around in search of a tiny opening which can earn them enough money to keep themselves and their family alive. That is the dark and the sad reality of the society today. Money Is heavier than actual skills and efforts. That can be considered as one of the saddest reasons that the so called’ “unemployed” people are forced to join the dark groups and illegal ways to keep their body going. That is the very reason that many humans lose their sense of humanity and become demons. At the end of the day what becomes different after they chose the wrong path? Nothing. Society treats them the same way they did before, “failures”.


Many people turn repulsive to cope up with the darkness and many people resort to self-harming ways. The pressure of performance and the fear of failure is not what a person is born with, it is created during their journey in the society. Created like by us. The materialistic definition of employment cannot be connected to the notion of respect in any way, and if that continues to happen, the society will just grow a static event.

No forward movement, no development. No skills, no creativity, just a bunch of robots running as fast as they can and doing all they can to earn the bunch of authorized papers they call money. While the others will sit with a several broken pieces of their confidence and a compete disappointment at their existence, being what they are taken as, “the unemployed failure”.


By: Srija Dutta

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