7 Steps to make a career in Cinematography

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Here are the 7 steps to become a cinematographer and make a career in cinematography:

Learn the Camera-Related Work

Learn the different jobs related to camera work as there are various job functions behind the camera. The job of a cinematographer is to be in charge of the actual shooting of the film. Shot by shot. The cinematographer is also referred to as the director of photography. As a cinematographer, you are in charge of how the light v is set up. How the camera moves. What angles are used? and more. To be a successful cinematographer you have to learn the ins and outs of filming and severe you belong.

Take Cinematography Classes

A fancy diploma isn’t always needed but receiving a proper education in film and cinematography will provide you the tools and training to become successful. You will get to learn about the shots and techniques used behind each move. It will also give you knowledge about your job and the different tools you will need. 

Practice Filming

Once you get to know about the techniques and methods it’s the perfect time to practice and improve your skills. By doing this you will discover your own style. Start making videos apply whatever you have learned in your school.

Always be Learning

Learning is an important part of your education. The film industry is rapidly growing and evolving. Stay up to date with filming techniques and new technology. 

Watch Movies

You have to watch movies differently than an average viewer. Watch and learn from the movies through the eye of the lend not the eye of a viewer. Notice how the cameras moved. How the lighting cast shadows to convert mood. How close the shot is to an actor and where on the actor the lend is. When and why the camera moves.

Getting Behind the Camera

You probably start shooting after your cinematography course then invest in a camera and some important equipment. Your smartphone is not a bad option but definitely, it will not match the clarity of DSLR. Take notes everywhere you go film those shots. Shot some beautiful pictures of the area you are studying and make notes on how you feel. You need to learn both your camera and people if you want to be the director of photography.\

Make your own shot films it will help you to learn these techniques. Don’t worry if you don’t get satisfied with your first short film. You will get the perfect shot in some time. You need to learn how to tell a story with a camera. By practice, you will get to learn everything. You will make mistakes but you also learn from them. It’s time to get yourself on a professional set, once you have Lil bit of practice and work to show.

Have realistic expectations on a set. You can also apply for a qualified set job like production assistant, camera operator, lighting technician, craft service personnel, or even extra. Your goal should be to learn and get success not to get a shortcut to fame. Build a good relationship with grips, production managers, producers, and directors. 

Networking and Building your Portfolio

Join social media groups that will help to find resources and networking opportunities. There are plenty of sites that can help you to find jobs sign up and fill out your profile. There are tons of film-oriented groups on Facebook, ask to join those groups to discuss, connect, and find work. Once you have done some work you need to build a reel. You will need different kinds of feel to showcase your talent so you can get a position in the industry. Make sure your reel should showcase your absolute best work.

These days headshots, business cards, and time are not enough you need to make a website so more and more people get to know about you. Promote your films by uploading these films online and host screenings. Stay connected with the industry people you have met. Write their contacts, emails, and other information in a place so you can easily remember whenever you need them. Get experience whenever you get the chance as a cinematographer. Don’t discourage if you feel you are not getting the work or exposure you want. Have patience. Great things take time. You will achieve your success with practice and learning.

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