Career in Marine Archaeology

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Another fascinating marine career option is marine archaeology, which allows students to discover the secrets hidden beneath the ocean’s surface. Diving, archaeological abilities, and a desire to “get to the bottom” of things are all required qualities for this work. Depending on your interest in this field, you can pursue this degree at the undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate level.

The term “marine archaeology” refers to a broad field of study that encompasses the oceans and seas. The subject matter is crucial to consider because it contributes to the preservation of the oceans. With the weight of the environment that they bear, the job of a marine archaeologist becomes even more important.

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Who Is Marine Archaeologist? 

Underwater archaeology is studied by marine archaeologists. Humans have made many discoveries through traveling and exploring the rivers. The uncharted territory of the ocean floors, oceans, and lakes is a fascinating place that humans have yet to uncover.

Marine archaeologists study the ocean by performing restoration and excavation work. Basically, they do these things so that the rest of the world can see the incredible wonders that are buried beneath the oceans and seas.

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How to Become a Marine Archeologist? 

When it comes to finding crucial facts and details about the ocean, the ocean bed is a gold mine. Marine archaeology allows you to learn everything there is to know about it. Humans have been using marine transportation for thousands of years.

To conduct research, these professionals must go to far-flung corners of the ocean. To grasp the significance of marine archaeology, we must immerse ourselves in it. It is regarded as a vocation of paramount importance, as well as a curious aspect that it satisfies.

If you wish to teach archaeology at any organization or institution, you may need a master’s degree. If you wish to perform archaeological research in some foreign countries, you’ll need a Ph.D. degree. Basically, you’ll need to spend a couple of years getting your bachelor’s degree and then another couple of years getting your master’s degree.

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If you want to acquire your doctorate, you must complete a dissertation. Several other courses are not normally included in the archaeology program that you must take. You must learn to scuba dive to explore the undersea world, which is a vital component.

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What does Marine Archaeologist do?

Marine archaeologists have to use a lot of specialized equipment and gear to do their job. They perform ocean and sea-related research and study. First and foremost, they must learn to scuba dive to explore the ocean’s depths.

These specialists also study the aquatic environment with instruments created and designed by marine scientists and engineers. They do their studies on specific exploration topics.

They could, for example, utilize magnetic and acoustic distant sensors to detect and locate different locales to investigate them. This will also be necessary for keeping track of the locations as well as the findings made.

Furthermore, these experts must deal with, interpret, and document a wide range of ocean floor finds. They must perform research based on ship logs, court records, and various explorer records.

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These individuals are responsible for writing and managing reports based on the recommendations given. They are in charge of navigating boats to various archaeological site areas. They’re also in charge of writing articles and books for a variety of academic publications.

Essential Qualifications

To work in the field, most marine archaeologists have a master’s or Ph.D. degree. They necessitate extensive knowledge and expertise in history, geology, oceanography, and even chemistry. In order to explore the oceans, they must also become licensed divers. They must enroll in a diver training school to do so.

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Different Job Prospects

Marine archaeologists can work for state or local governments as well as teach in a variety of universities. It will be difficult to get a full-time career as a marine archaeologist investigating oceans. They must develop their skills to conduct exploration.

These individuals must possess the necessary foundational abilities to comprehend the foundations of underwater archaeology. Marine archaeologists must adopt a specific and unique specialization in the discipline as their career advances.

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The Average Salary

The annual income of marine archaeologists varies greatly depending on the employment level, from entry-level to top-tier. A beginning salary of $30,000 to $90,000 is possible. Your overall income may be determined by your educational qualifications, as well as the project’s location and budget.

By: Sananda Kumari

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