Careers in Foreign Languages in 2021

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If you have decided to learn and make your career in a foreign language or you are already a working person and want to add additional skills to your profile. Whatever your reason is you should definitely go for learning a foreign language in 2021.

Top languages: In India, aspirants have a good package after learning a foreign language. Though there are a lot of languages to learn. Based on popularity, your interest, and jobs you can start.

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Learning a new language will boost your career in all ways. And also in upcoming years, they are going to remain in demand. Read about top languages to know more:


There are more than 300 million speakers of French all over the world. Also, it is an official language in 29 countries. It is one of the popular languages which students prefer to learn in India. French is a global language. There is a lump of job opportunities in India too.

And if you are in the travel and tourism industry you should learn French because French tourists visit India a lot. Right now Canada is the most preferred country by Indians for doing jobs and French is the second most speaking language there. And if you want to settle in Canada you can give exams like TEF and TCF.  

learning a foreign language, French


German is the most popular language after French in India. It gives good job opportunities for German experts in the sectors like teaching, translation, interpreter, translation, BPO, KPOs, etc. And if you are in the automobile sector or in engineering sectors learning it will be beneficial as in these sectors they are more in demand. It will boost you economically. 

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There are more than 500 million speakers of Spanish all over the world. In India, all sectors have demands for Spanish speakers. Especially in the BPO sector and travel and tourism industry most of the work in India is from the USA. So there is always the demand for Spanish speakers.


Japan is like a hub of the automobile sector. And if you are already working in automobile, animation, infrastructure, electronics, computers, shipbuilding then learning the Japanese language is a really good option for you. 

career in foreign language, Japanese


There are many South Korean companies like LG, Samsung, and many more. There is a lot of multinational company’s that require Korean language speakers. And in India, there are very few experts in this language. So if you learn this language then you can even demand a high salary as well.

Degree and opportunities:

There are degrees that you can do in foreign languages. After passing class 12th students have options like doing a certification course, diploma course, part-time or full-time course. Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of (MA) in the language is also a good option. Other than German and Spanish you can do courses in Portuguese, Arabic too.

As a professional, you need to find out institutes according to your language. Both government and private sectors have job opportunities. Professional educator, tuition teacher, translator, working in NGO, etc are the type of jobs you can do. All of these jobs are going to pay you a decent amount of money. 

foreign language, French Alliance Francaise, Max Mueller Bhavan

How to choose a language:  

Look for the highly speaking top five languages and from them choose one according to your interest. Most of the time interest in the country, culture, type of job, etc also makes students learn that language. Choosing a language is a dependent thing and may vary from person to person. 

Foreign language:

For learning French Alliance Francaise is a renowned institute. Its main is in New Delhi and it’s beautiful. Other branches of this institute are in Indore, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Chennai.

The German language top institute in India is Max Mueller Bhavan. Its other branches are also in metro cities. The institutes also provide online classes and you can enroll in them too.

For learning the Spanish language Instituto Cervantes is the best institute established in 1981 in India by the government of Spain. Instituto Cervantes has 78 centers in 44 countries. Delhi University also offers language courses. 

Extra tips:

  • If you want to work from India or from your place then freelancing is a good option. You can use platforms like Upwork and search for work.
  • After learning one language you can enroll in other languages. And not just for money but if you like any country then learning their language is a good idea too.
  • Creativity is also a demand of this job. Be curious and keep learning.
  • With best institutes, self-efforts and hard work are also important. After learning if you keep improving yourself, you will definitely make a good career in it.
  • Learning a language is considered a skill. It can be learned at any stage in your life.

By- Priya Panwar 

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