How to become a successful event planner

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In today’s time, everyone is busy in their life. They’re running at a quick speed and don’t have time to plan and manage many affairs of life like parties, birthdays and many other functions. In that case, we look for professionals known as event planners? Now, what event planners do? They coordinate all the events, and they handle every piece of planning from beginning to end.

You need to work hard and have patience. In this field these two things are very important. Apart from these two things, there are many other factors that you need to become a successful event planner. And this article will surely help you understand what skills you require to become one.

6 Skills to become a successful event planner

1. Organisational skill

Event planners should have great organisational skills. Some people can work in disorder, but as a planner, it’s important to work in a process and methods if you are part of a team. You should be good and understandable with your team and keep your team informed. Adhering to timelines, budget and appointments as well, and keeping documents and information organized. So, if you want to become one, this skill is very much important to keep in mind.
Second, you should have excellent communication skills. Communication skill as important as organizational skill. Your communication skill helps you to contact the client and your team.


2. Networking skill

Event planners should have savvy networks. Networking is an essential and basic thing which you required in this field. It demands as a widespread vendor, including photographers lighting, DJs, bands, videographers and many others. This is a network of people you will bank upon to make even more memorable. Thus, you need good networks which make your works more famous and you will get more and more clients. So, you need a good network to deals in this field. And networking is an important key to success in this field.

3. A basic understanding of the events

As a planner, you should know how to create a floor plan and how to contract and analyse event data. You should know the basics of bands, DJs, décor, lighting, etc. It is an artistic job that requires a deep understanding of what is realistic and what is not. These skills require learning and practice and gained. So, a basic understanding of events is very important. If you want to become a successful planner, it will help you create exceptional arrangements.

Event Planner Job Description

4. Problem-solving skill

If you are working, you must have problem-solving skills. You should know how to tackle a problem instead of being panic and hyper. In the same way, a successful planner should be cool head and solve each problem in the arrangements with patience. If any problem occurs in events, you should know the tricks to engage your audience and make them comfortable. This skill keeps everything organised and creative. So if you are stuck in this kind of situation, be cool and relax and try to solve those problems with full calmness and make that event great and memorable. As an event planner, you must look after everything, whether it is a small or big problem. The clients should remember your work so that next time they will consider only you for another event. It is one of the most important skills for planners which makes you more successful in this field.

5. Negotiation and Budgeting

If you call yourself a good event planner, this skill is very important. You should know to bargain and negotiation. Sometimes it becomes very crucial for planners to negotiate a contract with a sponsor or get the best potential deal while bookings venue and other things. So, being a planner, you should be an expert in this skill. If this skill is not in you, then it becomes very difficult for you to become a good planner. So, you must give your best in this skill and try to learn more about it. After the budget completion, you are one step closer to becoming a successful planner.


6. Multitasking

If you want to become an outstanding planner. You need to be a multitasking person. This skill is not an option, but you have to be multitasking. Then only you can tackle such events. This field requires a lot of work in different areas, like you have to look for a promotion, ticker sale, sponsorship and many other things. So, you have to be quick and smart to look at all these things. Many people failed to fulfil this skill, therefore they failed to become a good planners. But if you really want to become a successful event planner, then work hard and give your best in each skill. And this will help you to become an excellent planner.

By – Bharti Sharma

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