How to Become a Successful Architectural Journalist?

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Architectural journalism is the discipline of documenting and writing about architecture and design for the general public as well as for working professionals in the industry. While impartial analysis or critique of architectural work and design philosophy is the primary focus of such writing, it may also include researching and writing about recent advancements in the sector or the industry’s perspective future. This area of writing on architecture includes articles in design magazines and journals about broad subjects relating to architecture, descriptions of projects by various architects and firms, reporting on architectural courses, and coverage of conferences and seminars.


To a significant extent, it strives to raise awareness about the buildings that have an impact on our lives and to provide a means for us to share our thoughts about architecture while also influencing the future of building design in some way.

Journalism's Importance in Architecture

Why do we never take the time to look at or study the structures around us? With the exception of a few notable structures, they are not a part of people’s daily conversations. Even those are only ever discussed within the architectural community, either among Architects or in media and platforms such as Architecture Digest, ArchDaily, and Dezeen, which are primarily read by the architecture and design community.

People who are not involved in the field of architecture rarely get the opportunity to investigate the buildings around them and comprehend the architecture’s true purpose or meaning. As a result, architecture must be communicated and curated not only for the architectural community but also for the general public, in order to raise awareness of the importance of good architecture and to educate a larger audience.

How to become a Successful Architectural Journalist?

Architectural journalism is a specialized field with a small number of practitioners. As the profession of journalism as a whole shrink, specialties like architectural journalism present employment hurdles for many persons with the necessary qualifications and experience to write on architecture and related themes. If you want to work as an architectural journalist, however, there are a few basic steps you can take to increase your chances of securing a job in this specialized profession.

Get Architectural “Bona Fides”

Having architectural qualifications can assist you in becoming an architectural journalist by demonstrating that you have the knowledge to comprehend all aspects of building design. Obtain the appropriate architecture degrees. If you want to work as an architectural journalist, you’ll almost certainly need a college diploma.

Starting building Journalistic Qualifications

A college degree in print media or a related field is also required for becoming a journalist. If at all possible, seek out internships. One of the best methods to break into a field like journalism is to do an internship with a company right after graduation or throughout your academic career. An internship can help you get your foot in the door of the field you want to work in. Those who want to work as architecture journalists or reporters in the past usually started with an unpaid internship at a newspaper or other magazine.

Work with Architects 

You can develop more of the skills and experience you’ll need to report on the architectural field in the future by getting involved in the area. Architects can be useful sources. From a more general newspaper or magazine assignment, you might be able to break into architectural journalism. Part of this entails recognizing architects as potential sources for a broad story, then maintaining and expanding those contacts into a more intimate relationship.

As collaborators, work with architects. If you work as a reporter for an architectural publication, you may develop the kinds of close relationships with architects that will lead to a career as a professional architect or other visual arts writer.

Collect clips, as in any kind of Journalism

Your published clips will be an important component of your career search for future reporting positions. Display any specialist video relevant to construction projects, architecture, or a related topic. Use general journalistic assignments to your advantage. It’s crucial to understand that a number of reporting positions have a tangential concentration on architecture.

A municipal reporter, for example, might cover various stages of building plan approval, look at designs, and speak with public engineers. As part of a larger assignment, an arts reporter may cover gallery buildings. Any of these journalistic positions could lead to specialist reporting on an architectural project.

Approach Publications

Send as many query letters as possible to architectural journals and public interest magazines to build a list of connections and expand your opportunities for future projects in the specific field of architecture reporting.

Stay involved in the general Arts Community

Branch out into other areas of the visual arts to aid your pursuit of a career as an architectural journalist, as architecture reporting is similar to other arts reporting in certain aspects.

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