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The marine industry is booming and the need for qualified professionals to fill these positions has never been greater. Luckily, many world-class marine colleges offer a variety of degree programs related to oceanic sciences. In this blog post, we will discuss the top ten best marine colleges in the world, including their admission process, eligibility requirements, and scholarship opportunities available!

A college education can have a major impact on your future career prospects as well as personal happiness. Whether you’re interested in pursuing an undergraduate or graduate-level program at one of our esteemed institutions or would like to know about scholarships for attending school abroad, this blog post covers it all.


Texas A&M Maritime Academy:

The first college on our list is Texas A&M Maritime Academy. This school offers an undergraduate major in Marine Transportation Systems with three possible tracks: Deck Department Track, Engineering Department Track, or Operations Management and Logistics Program. As for scholarships they offer several types including Academic Merit Scholarships at $1000 per year which are awarded to students who have demonstrated excellence academically by maintaining a GPA, Financial Need-Based Aid Awards ($2000 yearly award), Outstanding Student Leadership Awards ($2000 annually), and Academic Excellence Awards (towards tuition fees; awarded to students who score in the top 15% of their college class).

University of North Carolina:

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington offers a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Transportation Systems with three possible tracks: Deck Department Track, Engineering Department Track, or Operations Management and Logistics Program.

Florida International University:

Florida International University offers undergraduate majors such as Environmental Science, Marine Biology, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, and more. Financial aid awards are given to qualifying students who need assistance paying for their education.


The following is a list of scholarships awarded by Florida International University:

1. Academic Merit Scholarships

Academic Merit Scholarships (awarded based on the student’s GPA) if freshmen or transfer student maintaining a good GPA; these range from $1000 per year

2. Outstanding Student Leadership Awards

Outstanding Student Leadership Awards ($2000 annually); this award is presented to all undergraduates with outstanding leadership qualities recognized by faculty members in academic departments as well as other university organizations

3. Academic Excellence Award

Towards tuition fees; the award is for the undergraduate with an excellent overall GPA. If freshmen or transfer student maintaining GPA; this award ranges from $5000 per year.

Nova Southeastern University:

The following are scholarships awarded by Nova Southeastern University:

Academic Merit Scholarships 

These range from $2500-$8000 per year depending on the applicant’s major and financial need. To be eligible, students must have maintained at least a high school GPA and have taken the ACT or SAT.

Academic Achievement Program (AP) Scholarship

This is awarded to incoming freshmen who are enrolled in AP courses during their senior year in high school. This scholarship ranges from $2500-$10000 per year depending on the applicant’s major, financial need, and exam scores; students must meet full-time admission requirements for NSU as well as be admitted into a college-prep program at an accredited Florida public/private high school that offers AP coursework.

Merit Tuition Scholarships 

These scholarships are given to incoming transfer students with outstanding academic achievements recognized by faculty members in academic departments, community service experience, or other university organizations such as Academically based scholarships (up to $4000 annually); these are given to incoming freshmen with strong academic achievements and/or career goals who will be pursuing a degree in the College of Science, Engineering or Education.


Students at NSU can take part in international study opportunities through various programs sponsored by our Office of International Programs; including internships, research abroad courses, and study tours throughout Europe, Asia, or Latin America. Upon completion of the program, they’ll earn credits towards satisfying some General Education requirements while earning money from their experience abroad!

By – Priyanka Dhillon

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