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After completing your studies in the field of commerce, you seek new job opportunities according to your interest. Commerce is a vast field. There are so many career opportunities in this field. Below are a few career options in commerce.

Chartered Accountant

Chartered accountant is one of the best career options for the student in the commerce field. Any person from a commerce background will surely love to continue his career as a chartered accountant. A person who knows this particular field can get easily into this job through a series of examinations. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India nominates candidates as chartered accountants. As a chartered accountant, you have to handle the accounts of Companies. Chartered Accountants play a very important role in an organization and it is one of the highest-paid jobs in India with an expected salary of rupees 6-7 lakh per year. For this, you require immense hard work and lots of practice chartered accountant study subjects like taxation, Financial Management Accounting, and auditing.

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Cost Accountant

The cost Accountants are responsible for collecting and communicating data for financial transparency. The help in businesses by analyzing cost expenditures and the purchase which are going to be done in the organization. They look after the services and goods and add recording data after that they give recommendations to make cost-efficient and financially feasible cost options. Cost accounting means finding out the cost of a product by getting the most efficient way to complete a particular object. Cost accounting helps to know the exact amount of raw materials which are required in the production.

accountant skills


The job is known for its salary, it can be the best reason to join this job. The banking sector indeed offers good salaries to the Employees they also add benefits to the Employees like giving a minimum rate of interest on loans, pension benefits, medical benefits, and many other things. This job has job safety as well as stability. The bankers are also known as retail bankers who interact with clients daily and assist services such as checking up saving accounts, authorizing loans. They also do counseling of the clients on banking products and services.

Company Secretary

The company secretariesare the senior position person in the private sector companies or public organizations. Their responsibility is to register and communicate with the shareholders and ensure that dividends are paid. They also maintain the records of the company like lists of the shareholders and directors and the annual accounts of the company.


Stockbrokers are responsible for managing the portfolios of the clients and deciding about when to buy trade of financial securities like shares. They work close to the clients to understand financial risk and goals. They also do consult their clients on buying and selling prices of different stocks. To become a stockbroker you should have good communication skills, mathematics, strong decision-making skills, and patience to work in a highly stressed environment.

Stockbroker Commerce Career Options

Management Accounting

The responsibility of a management accountant is to look after the accounts of a company. They have to advise the managers about the financial implications of business decisions to look after the growth and profit of the company. They prepare reports, budget financial statements and undertake financial administration. The very important role of a Management Accountant is to conduct a relevant cost analysis for determining the expenses and giving suggestions for the future.

Investment banker

The job of an investment banker takes several activities for a client but the most important task of the investment banker is to raise capital through issuing of securities whether Debt or equity. These bankers also present the result to their clients to make decisions. These bankers are the financial Advisors to corporations and the governments in some cases. They also help their clients to make money by issuing stock, negotiating the acquisitions of the arrival company, or by arranging the seal of the company itself.

Financial planner

The duties and responsibilities of a financial planner include preparing sound financial plans to ensure that the clients meet their goals, advising the clients on current financial issues, and giving them recommendations generating new business and building relationships. The financial planners do research and make financial strategies they also help in coordinating with estate planning.

By: Varsha Yadav

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