9 Ways to become more Creative

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On the contrary to what people say about creativity, that it is something that should flow on its own, it isn’t. With the right kind of habits and simulations, creativity can be generated whenever needed. Here are some ways that can help you become a more creative person.

Listen to your curiosity

Whenever something intrigues you, go ahead and check it out. Don’t stop yourself from wondering about that particular person or thing that interested you. Take a moment to just to get to know about thing tickling your brain, or make a little small talk with that person. These moments are often the ones that later become the building blocks of your ideas.  The more you get to know, the more of a creative person you become.

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Do activities which seem boring and don’t interest you

Things we often think are boring, might or might not be boring. Rather, they are just out of our scope of thinking. But often these are the things that have the potential to inspire us, and give us a broader scope if things to work with.

Balance your “Creativity flows”

Creativity has two sides to it – the generative and the critical. The generative one just makes up plenty of ideas, whether good or bad, is more open, positive and relaxed. The critical side is the side that is more logical and the no non-sense kind. It focuses on the quality of the ideas, rather than the quantity. It is important to learn to balance both of these.

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Look for good ideas to get good ideas

Creativity is basically inter-connecting experiences and ideas to make one of your own. The more ideas you expose yourself to, the broader thoughts, and unique ideas you could get.  For more efficient ideas, read and research about the specific domain of interest. For example, if you want to make a particular kind of product, get to know about similar products that were made earlier, and where you could make a difference.

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Absorb things in completely

With google just a click away in our hands, we often tend to stop learning things for what they are. We would just read about them, remember them temporarily. We forget them, because we think that if we need it again, we could always google it again. This way less and less information and ideas are being stored in our brains. So the next time you read about something or google it, take a little more time to explain it to yourself and let it get absorbed into your brain.

"There's Always A Scope Of Improvement"

Exercise and get some physical activity

Studies show not just physical exercise, but even a simple walk could get you to become more creative. When you get any kind of physical activity, blood circulation to the brain increases, increasing the amount of oxygen available to the brain, giving you a better mental clarity.

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Let yourself get bored & the mind wander

Here’s some surprising research for you – studies have revealed that being bored stimulates creativity and new ideas. Sometimes we just try too hard to get our brains to work. Instead of doing that, next time, let your mind just breath and wonder. You’d be surprised about how ideas are generated on their own.

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Be more open to ideas and experiences

According to psychology, openness is a trait largely associated with creativity. The more open you are, the more creative of a person you are as well. The more new and unfamiliar things you explore, the more ideas you could generate.

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Put your ideas down somewhere whenever you get them

Creativity doesn’t come with a warning. It sometimes just rushes in when you hardly expect ideas. So note them down the moment you get them. Use your phone, or carry a notepad around, your call!


Often the most creative minds have started off just like all of us – looking for ideas and inspiration, with nothing in mind. But they stood out because they wanted to become creative. Creativity isn’t a skill acquired; it is a skill developed over time. With the right efforts put in, anyone could become the best creative versions of themselves. But it all starts with believing in your ideas and more importantly, yourself!

By: Srinithya Ravinuthala

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