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Courses to enhance one’s co-curricular learning apart from the academic knowledge is a great way to improve and ensure faster career progression. But there are a few things that one should keep in mind before enrolling into any course.

Interest – 

Half of the candidates who register for an online course, do not end up finishing the course because they lose motivation in between or are surrounded by other work that they do that they could not contemplate before starting the course. Due to the same reason, it is important to choose a course that teaches a skill that interests you. The course has a few tests that need to be qualified before attaining the certificate. These tests examine one on the practical understanding of the course and not merely the theoretical knowledge that can be memorized overnight without interest.

Demanded Courses –

It is important to choose courses that are demanded because after the course is done, it is always desired that little internships can be done later to earn pocket money or some even desire to pursue a career after some course. One can find workplaces only when the skill being taught in the course is a demanded skill. Some demanded skills are computer applications, web hosting, web designing, WordPress, machine learning, digital marketing, social media marketing and graphic designing.

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Relevance with CV –

Before choosing a course, one must know what their mainstream career path is. If one wants to develop their mainstream career path then a course which complements that should be taken up so that the skill can be very well displayed in your CV and answered well during interviews to show practical experience in the mainstream field.


Authentic platform –

Udemy (verified by Google and Microsoft), Coursera, Edx (verified by Manu universities) are some platforms where courses have a value that can be displayed throughout one’s life as these are verified platforms. Doing a course from any random source is not the ideal way to go about it as the value of the course is determined by its reliability and accountability.

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Course instructor –

One should know the qualifications of the course instructor, their work experience and accordingly decide if the instructor is proficient enough to impart genuine knowledge in the field. Courses with a well-qualified instructor should be taken up. This not just increases the quality of information given during the course but also increases the accountability of the course in the long run to be included in the academic records.

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Join to learn and not just earning the certificate –

Earning a certificate from a course is not enough. Surely, one wants to add the value of the course in their records. At many occasions such as interviews, the interviewee asks practical questions on the skills taught in the course. They judge whether the learning has been practical or only theoretical. Such crucial levels cannot be crossed with shallow learning and needs in-depth knowledge.

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By: Debarati Pal

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