How to Effectively Read And Implement

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If you learn but are unable to implement it, then you are not seen as a valuable person in society. So you have to convert what you read into something of value. Some people are very good at learning by reading and are great learners and, are great leaders. Writers read, after they read, they inspire and, then they write. So doesn’t be an information hoarder, be creative and share what you learn to become like them. Explain it to someone else, share your knowledge with others because successful are those who implement what they read.

Sort and set your mind

When you change the way you look at the things you do, results start changing. Everybody is reading books, but not everyone is growing. Doing the right thing in the wrong way does not give the result. True growth comes from mindset. You need to develop a love for books if you don’t like reading. Set in your mind that you are not reading because you like them, but you have to read books because they help. Actions will lead to a result which comes from new information that is by reading.

Then comes how to read a book, simply try by reading one book ten times then by reading ten books once it will work. Read a book with intention of learning and to change, relate what you are reading with your own life, reflect on what you read, prioritize which thing you should learn first for what you want to change, sharpen the saw that is repeat and, last part of the reading process is implementation.

Simple hacks to remember things you read

You read something, you get to end the page and then you forget what you just read and you re-read it. And it becomes time-consuming. Just reading and investing time without reflecting on it is useless. But there is so much information that we get confused. If people start implementing all the things they read, they see results in starting, but then they again lose track. Try the following hacks for improvement.

  • Do not just pick up a book and start reading, be in a state of receiving and positive mindset, take notes effectively. The key to reading is asking questions. How I can use this, why must I do this, and when will I use this because reasons will reap results.
  • Be more selective about the information you are reading. There is so much information out that it confuses and stresses more instead of helping students. Break the forgetting curve and go over what you read once a week, once a month, and every three months.
  • If you cannot do it for yourself, you can’t do it for anybody else. Read about brain food, self-help books, have a positive peer group, protect your brain, don’t sleep with your phone, manage stress, meditate and increase alertness with exercise and yoga.

Theory vs. Practical

Being a person full of theory or full of practical knowledge does not help. Balancing theory and practical knowledge is important. The first category is of those persons who have become heavily theoretical people, doing a lot of thinking, becoming more like a philosopher, and not applying it in real life. The second category is of those people who are being very practical doing everything, but when comes to learning, they become lazy and, do not read new concept and ideas. Most students are on the theory side.

Students generally get excited by reading something new and keep reading it. If you have read a lot of stuff in the time, then stop reading and for the next few days apply, implement and observe what you have learned and then start reading new. And if you are good at practice and keep doing, then you will not go far. All successful people read a lot. But balancing two becomes easier with time and practice.

Tips to do passive learning and active practice

  • You don’t need to be a perfectionist. Too much learning causes procrastination. Stop overloading your brain.
  • Quality comes with continuous learning and implementation. Choose quantity over quality. A good level of focus gives a better level of productivity.
  • If you don’t live it or use it, you don’t know it. Learn with practice because reading doesn’t count.
  • As a student you don’t like reading, don’t worry. Know what is important to read. Start interest slowly. Schedule your reading time every day and target to read for 45 minutes.
  • If you are reading self-help books instead of applying all the suggested things. Choose one easy habit which you can implement.
  • Not everything workout, you learn something and, it may not work, but you owe it to yourself. But it will lead you to better or new ideas.

:By- Priya Panwar

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