7 Tips for Fashion Designing

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Fashion Designing is the art of aesthetics, clothing, involving aesthetics and design, construction and natural beauty. It’s a specialisation of humanities which covers clothing, accessory, jewellery or design styles, patterns, colours and trends that define the fashion of a particular era. Fashion designing is a wide spectrum of trend, influencing society and expression itself. It’s also one of the most competitive industry apart from being one of the most sought careers.

 It is highly dynamic and can experiment with the trends and culture and circulate its influence within the audience. It varies over time, place and is impacted by trends and cultures. For students who are gifted with creativity and wants to explore fashion and trends and experiment with them by their unique ideas, the fashion industry will offer a multitude of opportunities to showcase their creative side.


Fashion designing is not restricted to clothes, it includes accessories, jewellery, shoes and many other things, thus, one can choose whatever item they want to experiment with and bring it to the whole world and if successful, it might set up a trend changing the world of fashion as it have always.

Numerous components are to be considered while following a course in fashion designing. In this creative field, you need to know many things whilst creating your name in it.

Below are the points enlisted that one must know while pursuing fashion designing and stepping into the fashion industry :

Stay Innovative

Staying innovative in this field of choice is very important. Creative thinkers introduce a new sense of fashion to the audience gaining a following which helps them to grow their business in the fashion industry. Establishing oneself is the hardest le pursuing fashion designing as this is the most competitive sector where gaining the appreciation of the public is the hardest.



Fashion designing is not a work that is only of glamour and trends, but it is also a work that takes up time, creativity, hard work, dedication and visualization, which is a beneficial way to convey both abstract and concrete ideas and shape them. Visualizing your ideas will create a draft of your work in your mind and you can use your imagination to unravel it further and then use and implement it on your chosen accessory, clothing etc. You can achieve and perfect anything if you put your mind into it and visualization also happens to enhance the focus.


Explore Options

The fashion industry is not just about designers. Examine several options and then analyze what interests you the most as this dynamic world proposes numerous opportunities ranging from a stylist and Fashion Brand PR to a marketing manager or publicist. Be knowledgeable of the dynamics of the global market of your selection and try to grab the potential opportunities that it creates.


do Internships

Internships provide you with the experience and exposure to what’s in store for you in the line or course that you’ve to make your career in. Internships can help you in the practical aspect of the course that will be beneficial in developing a professional attitude, will strengthen the personal character and personality and will provide you with a broad spectrum of opportunities in the industry. One can sharpen their skills through Internships and experience how the fashion industry works and what new is needed by the audience.

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Get Inspired from the world around you

Fashion Designing is a creative field where you weave your creativity into the fabric, accessories or others. Be original in your creativity and originality comes from getting inspiration which you interpret through your own vision. Explore your surroundings and keep an eye on them, you may catch something which inspires you and you might want to send homage to that memory through your creativity in the fashion world.


Be a good observer

Good observation skills will enlarge your perspective, creative and critical thinking. It is important to be a good observer while in fashion designing. You should observe the works of others and see how they’ve put effort into the smallest details and the way they display their creativity. It will give you lessons on how to work and catch the attention of the audience as well as keep you away from accidentally plagiarising any other work by making you able to find out if there is any similarity.

Create your own Identity

Explore the forte during your design programme and find out your signature style. It will encourage and help you in creating a distinctive identity, which will construct an authentic brand that you own. This will differentiate you from the rest and will help you to establish your own identity providing you recognition among the audience.


Fashion designers have one of the highest profiles in the fashion industrywhich draws interests and thus creating intense competition. Candidates pursuing fashion designing often tend to be perplexed and confused on how to establish themselves as renowned and able designer. As breaking into this competitive field is tough. Apart from the guidance and education, they get to be a fashion designer they also need some suggestions that will help them to achieve their goal successfully while understanding and keeping up with the competition of this field and being raw and original in their work. Above enlisted tips and advice should be kept in mind while pursuing the fashion designing course.

By- Habiba Zaidi

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