Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

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Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a  diploma course of 3 years consisting of  six semesters. At the end of all 6 semesters a certificate is provided by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering eligibility criteria

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The eligibility criteria for a student to enrol on diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering eligibility criteria is :

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Diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering course duration

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Diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering course is a 3 year course certified by AICTE and consists of 6 semesters.It offers both theoretical and practical knowledge on testing,repair,working,and solving the issues of aircraft. The practical knowledge is in well equipped labs.

Course Duration
Aviation Institute A 2 years
Technical College B 3 years
Aerospace School C 4 years
AME Academy D 1.5 years
Aviation Training Center E 2.5 years

Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Syllabus

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The institutes that offer AME in India primarily include the following topics in the syllabus:

Topics Covered
Aircraft Systems Electrical systems, Avionics, Propulsion systems, Hydraulics
Aircraft Maintenance Inspection procedures, Troubleshooting, Repair techniques
Aerodynamics Principles of flight, Airfoil design, Lift and Drag
Aviation Regulations Airworthiness standards, Safety regulations
Materials and Structures Aircraft materials, Structural analysis, Composite materials
Propeller Systems Propeller construction, Maintenance and repair
Avionics Communication systems, Navigation systems, Instrumentation
Human Factors Human performance and limitations, Crew resource management
Aircraft Propulsion Engine types, Engine maintenance, Powerplant systems
Aviation Safety Safety management systems, Accident investigation
Aircraft Workshop Hands-on training in aircraft maintenance practices


Diploma in Aircraft maintenance engineering syllabus scope in future

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Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a job-oriented diploma program that offers students to grow their career in the aviation sector with significant opportunities. The opportunities a aircraft maintenance engineering student can grab are:

 Job title
  Job role
Annual salary
Aircraft manufacturing companiesAn aircraft manufacturer in their daily work assembles or fits aircraft structural parts. You will also be expected to repair structural components and perform sub-assemblies. 6l
Flying clubs or teaching clubsA flying club or aero club is a not-for-profit, member-run organisation that provides its members with affordable access to aircraft.4.9l
Private airlinesPrivate flight attendants might have more to do on the ground than regular flight attendants. 14l
Defence research and development organisationDefence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is a defence R&D hub which develops defence technologies, systems/products that are required for Indian Armed Forces15.9l
Aircraft manufacturing industriesThe aircraft industry is the industry supporting aviation by building aircraft and manufacturing aircraft parts for their maintenance. 4.7l

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has finished their high school education or an equivalent certification is eligible to apply for an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) diploma. Typically, applicants must be of legal age, which varies by nation and institution.

To ensure they can safely carry out the physically demanding activities involved in maintaining aeroplanes, they might need to establish their medical fitness. Communication in the aviation industry may require fluency in the language of teaching, which is typically English.

To get accurate and current information on qualifying requirements, it’s vital to contact the individual institution or regulatory agency in charge of AME training in your area.

A diploma course is normally offered in AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering), so the answer is yes. It is a specialised course that concentrates on giving students the information and abilities they need to maintain and fix aeroplanes.

AME diploma programmes are frequently provided by aviation schools, technical institutions, or universities. They are intended to prepare students for careers in aircraft maintenance. These diploma programmes often cover a variety of topics relevant to the systems, maintenance, rules, safety procedures, and troubleshooting of aircraft. In order to guarantee high-quality instruction and industry recognition, it is crucial to do your homework and pick a credible university that provides recognised AME diploma programmes.

Verify whether the AME programme grants exemptions for pertinent coursework from your diploma or recognises prior learning.

Determine any knowledge gaps or places where you might need to complement your diploma education by evaluating the AME program’s curriculum.

To strengthen your application, acquire real-world experience in aircraft repair through internships, apprenticeships, or related work.

Look for organisations that provide AME programmes at certified institutions.

Get ready for the application process by gathering all necessary documents, such as academic transcripts, diplomas, and evidence of identity.

If the AME programme is offered in a language other than your mother tongue, you must meet the language competency standards.

Investigate your opportunities for financial support, scholarships, and grants to help with your AME education.

To get any questions or issues about the application process answered, speak with the institution directly.

Researching industry norms will help you grasp the typical salary ranges while determining the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) salary in India. Remember that compensation can vary depending on things like experience, specialisation, geography, and the employer’s reputation. Compared to smaller towns, metropolitan areas and aviation hubs typically offer greater pay. Negotiating your salary and benefits is advised so that you can emphasise your credentials and special skills.

Additionally, networking with peers and pursuing professional growth through certifications might improve possibilities for a higher pay.

Making decisions about wage expectations requires careful research and an assessment of each person’s unique situation.

The first step is to look for accredited AME programmes provided by aviation schools or universities after completing your 12th grade scientific coursework.

Next, look over the eligibility requirements, including any necessary entry exams and academic requirements.

Next, submit the required documentation and proofs to apply to AME programmes.

Make sure you also adhere to the medical requirements established by aviation authorities.

Attend AME training, which covers both academic and practical facets of maintaining aircraft. Moreover, acquire real-world experience by participating in internships or on-the-job training.

additionally, you must succeed on tests given by aviation authorities to get the AME licence. Last but not least, keep up with industry innovations by continuing your education and taking part in workshops or seminars.

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