10 tips to crack MBA entrance exams

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Know your strengths and weaknesses: you cannot be good at every topic. This follows that you should smartly segregate your areas of confidence and your weak points. Once you excel and master your strengths, you can further work on your weaknesses. This will not only ensure good marks but also your potential. MBA is a Master’s course that prepared an individual for various fields of the ‘Business World’. Every management entrance exam has its own rules pattern and syllabus. This makes deciding among the exams a difficult choice. Crack the MBA entrance exam is being at a very competitive level these days. CAT is the most popular MBA entrance exam. Is it easy to pass these exams just by completing the syllabus? The answer is No! Passing the MBA entrance is all about studying smartly strategically. Here we are going to discuss some tips to crack the MBA entrance exam:

To solve new questions on a particular topic

One should always try new problems. It increases your probability to solve any type of question.

Action plan

After analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, you are supposed to take the required action. In order to do that you need to divide your studies into topics and subtopics. Further, you need to prepare a schedule for each day as to how much and what to study. You will also be required to classify your portion into (a) one which needs deep study and (b) one which can be just looked at and revised.

Take mock tests regularly

Once you get in pace with studying regularly according to your planned schedules, you need to make sure if you are retaining whatever you study. For this, you need to take regular mock tests. This will test you and increase your speed and confidence as well. Taking a mock test is a step closer to crack your entrance tests and move towards success.

Time management

You need to solve 120-150 questions of different types in 2 hours. Practicing and revising a lot is great but with poor time management you may end up with no time to revise something you thought you should. There should be a balance between different sections to study. Moreover, there should be a balance between your leisure time and your studies. This will make sure your MBA entrance gets passed in peace and not in a lot of stress. Therefore, dedicate your time properly.

Sample papers

Solving more and more sample papers will increase your speed to solve the questions. Similarly, it will increase your potential for alien problems that may be there. It also builds your confidence in solving the MBA entrance paper. The more you practice the more are you open to a variety of questions and answers.


Mastering grammar is all about reading. You can practice grammar as much as you can. But, if you are a consistent reader, you will be more efficient in solving problems. Furthermore, you will not be required to by-heart the rules. On the other hand, reading the newspaper all day will make sure your general knowledge gets better. Keep an eye on what is happening in the world and keep reading articles.

Be optimistic

Studying for an MBA entrance is not just about passing but also developing a positive approach in oneself. If you are optimistic enough to crack, you will definitely crack the MBA entrance with flying colors. Moreover, it will build confidence for your future studies too. You will acquire an attitude of learning and growth.


You should be clear with the concepts and not just the short cuts and techniques. Once you do this, it will help you long term. Moreover, it will ensure that you attempt even those questions and chapters you haven’t practiced before.


Throughout the preparation of your MBA entrance, you should be clear about the pattern of the paper. You should also be clear about the scoring and negative marking. Slight confusion in the paper pattern and scoring may lead to huge consequences. Once you do this you should also focus on how much time is allotted to a particular section.

Stay fit

During all your preparation also gives importance to your health which is very important. Overthinking, overstressing, and skipping meals for study may lead to discrepancies in your health and you might not be able to give the paper. Staying fit will calm your mind and you will always feel fresh and ready to study. The bottom line, crack the MBA entrance exam is not a very easy task. There is a large amount of competition and a very few reputed colleges of your desired specialization. Following these tips will definitely lead you to success. Moreover, increase your confidence. Entrances are parameters to test your analytical skills which will further be followed by an interview. I hope you all pass. Never get dismayed by your results. All the best!

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