7 Tricks to crack medical entrance exams

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Nowadays, due to tough competition students are on their toes with their preparations with regard to any of the fields they choose for their career. And to confuse them all the more, there are various fields associated with these subjects. Mostly, all the schools offer a choice of subjects in class 11th but a few of them offer a bit later or earlier. So, there is no right time when one can start preparing for medical exams. But, it is better the earlier. Every year, plenty of students somewhere ranging in thousands, appear for medical entrance exams. But, the fact is that only a handful of them pass successfully with a good rank and can fulfill their dream. It requires plenty of preparations and a few tips and tricks to crack medical entrance exams. So. here are 7 tricks to crack medical entrance exams-

Collection of syllabus

The first and foremost thing to do, to crack medical exams is the collection of the syllabus. Almost all the medical entrance tests include questions from the NCERT syllabus. One can find similar questions and topics as in their school syllabus. So it becomes quite beneficial and easy to prepare similar topics for a medical entrance test. And it does not need separate attention or preparation.  Thus, leaving the students with quite a lot of time to prepare those topics which remain uncovered.

Keep NCERT syllabus handy

According to a study it is found that almost 90% of the questions asked in the medical entrance exam are from NCERT books. So, for those good students who study their course syllabus well, it becomes quite easy to crack the entrance exam as some of their topics already get prepared. NCERT books cover all the topics in great detail and depth thereby providing good knowledge of all the topics asked in the medical entrance and that too, in a very simple language. A few questions containing pictures also taken from these books.

Make a separate list of easy/tough chapters

It becomes quite handy and easy if the topics are separated as easy and tough since the very start of the preparations.  And accordingly, each topic is given its due importance and time. Easy chapters can be given a reading once and then a quick revision for the same can be done, right before the exam. Allotment of time must be done for each chapter so that each chapter is covered on time.

Working on weaker areas

Students may find some areas difficult to be focused upon in comparison to the others. And thus a special focus is needed on these topics. In case preparations are started from class 11th one finds enough time to convert his/her weakness into a strength. Experts of various subjects, teachers, friends, and family can be called for help and extra classes can also be taken for extra practice.

Chalking out a weekly schedule

To get the best results, it is good to chalk out a good schedule in advance. It is nearly impossible to cover the vast and varied syllabus in the absence of a proper schedule. A well-planned schedule not only helps in covering the syllabus for the medical preparation but also helps in focusing on the school course as well. And a parallel preparation of both can be done. A proper weekly schedule is a must to achieve the full syllabus and this gives enough time for revision too.

Practicing previous year’s/mock test/practice papers

A mock test, practice series, or previous year’s papers helps the students to judge their position in terms of preparation. It gives a clear idea about the pattern followed in previous years. It also boosts the confidence of students and helps them a clear pre-medical test.

Keeping calm and being stress-free

For class 10th board exams students are under much pressure, so it is not easy for them to handle so much pressure right after that. But, it is important to start the preparations in class 11th and for this, it is important to keep calm and be stress-free. Not everyone is good at handling that much pressure. So, it is good to make a plan from the very start and follow it strictly and accordingly. Also, to relieve the stress it is better to listen to some soothing music or practice some yoga.


To crack any test or exam it is good to start as early as possible. And the above-given tips and tricks will help the students to crack the medical exam in one go. An early practice session of the actual test boosts the confidence of the student and help him/her analyze the level of preparation one is having. It also helps the students to analyze the changes in the pattern of exams. And it also gives familiarity to the students.    

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