8 Tips for SNAP entrance exams

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SNAP stands for Symbiosis National Aptitude Test that is an entrance exam for pursuing MBA. It is a national level exam which is conducted and organized by Symbiosis International University, Pune. This MBA entrance exam is similar to the CAT and other aptitude tests. It comprises four sections and tips for cracking the SNAP entrance exam.

  • General English: This section comprises topics like comprehension reading and verbal reasoning.
  • Quantitative: This section is basically Mathematical and consists of Data interpretation and sufficiency.
  • General Awareness: This section consists of current issues and questions regarding the current affairs happening around the world.
  • Analytical: The last section consists of Logical and Analytical Reasoning.

This entrance exam is not as hard as it looks and is easy to crack by following certain guidelines and proper hard work.

8 tips for the SNAP Entrance exam that will make your preparation a little easy are

1. Concentrate on your Basics

Many questions in the SNAP entrance test are based on Arithmetic concepts such as Averages, profit, and loss, Time, Ratio and proportion, etc. It also consists of questions related to basic mensuration. These concepts are taught during the 9th and 10th class and thus it is very important to be clear with the basics. Proper formulas and basic questions should be kept in mind while preparing for the entrance exam.

2. Know the shortcuts and tricks

In SNAP entrance exam one of the major section which plays a vital role in your selection is Analytical reasoning which involves concepts like Puzzles, deductive logic, critical reasoning. Thus, to score well in this section it is very important to know hacks and tricks to solve these problems. This will save you time and will make you more confident during the examination.

3. Read news and current Affairs daily

Most of the candidates find the current affairs section as the toughest to crack. It is because of a lack of proper knowledge about the current issues. Thus, students should make a habit of going through current issues and daily news as a routine so that during the last days he or she will have a brief knowledge about most of the issues. It will help a lot during the examination.

4. Mock tests are a must

Some students often think that they know everything and have gone through all the concepts and do not take mock tests. However, during the entrance exam, they are the ones who tend to make the maximum mistakes. Taking regular mock tests will help a student in understanding what section does he or she lacks in and will help them gain confidence.

5. Practice by setting a timer

Students often practice a lot but during the main examination, they lose track of time and then miss out on a lot of questions. This leads to more anxiety during the entrance exam. Thus, time management is a very crucial thing as it is a time-bound exam. With four different sections to complete, it becomes difficult to cope up with time. Therefore, students should always set a timer during practicing so that they get habitual of solving questions in a certain time period. It will help him or her to allocate time efficiently during the entrance exam.

6. Take professional guidance

For better and good results, students can also seek proper professional guidance from various online courses and institutes that offer coaching to crack the SNAP entrance exam. By undertaking professional advice, a student becomes more confident while preparing and thus is less stressed and anxious during the examination days.

7. Attempt only when you are sure

One of the major points in which students lose their marks is the negative marking on every question. There is a 25 per-cent negative marking on every question which is wrong. Thus, while attempting each question a student should only attempt those for which he or she is totally sure. Even if he or she attempts fewer questions but they are right then also there is a chance of scoring a really nice score. Thus, attempt the only one you are totally sure of.

8. Trust yourself

The last tip for cracking the SNAP entrance exam is to trust yourself. Students often lack proper confidence during the examination day and end up losing a lot of time due to anxiety and stress. It is very important to trust yourself and to be patient while attempting entrance exams.

The time allotted for attempting the whole paper is 120 minutes and there is a total of 110 questions. Thus, allotment of proper time and proper concentration and trust is really important. If a student has any doubt in one question then instead of wasting time on that he or she should try to attempt the next one.

SNAP entrance is exam is not that hard to crack and just takes a little hard work and dedication.

Best of luck!!

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