List Of 8 UPSC Study Tips For IAS Examination

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The Civil Service Exam UPSC is one of the most prestigious exams in India. It is attended by a lot of candidates across the country. However, only a few can fulfil their IAS ambition. The IAS exam is very challenging and the length of the syllabus is daunting because of its dynamic nature. In this article, you will get an idea to prepare for the IAS exam which can change your life for sure. Being a bookworm cannot help to clear your UPSC exam. If you are a candidate who is Aspiring for the UPSC exam then these are the steps you can consider while preparing.

Be prepared

Before you try to understand how to prepare for UPSC at home, you have to prepare yourself for the journey and to start your preparation. You have to prepare yourself physically and mentally to crack the examination. Start with setting goals and devoting your time effectively. Also, pay attention to the exam pattern of UPSC and work on your IAS preparation accordingly. The exam has three stages- prelims, mains, and the interview. Also making use of YouTube channels which are free of cost, while clearing your doubts.

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Prepare time table

If you think that you can crack the IAS exam without making a proper timetable, that’s not as easy as you are thinking of. Understand that there are lacs of candidates who are applying for the examinations every year. And the competition level is very high which is not possible to crack easily. To become an IAS officer, it is a must for you to be like an officer and be well organized while following your daily routine. You have to set a comfortable timetable, before you start preparing for the examination and make sure you stick to it.

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Go through the UPSC syllabus

When you start to prepare for any examination, you have to be aware of the syllabus. That’s the first thing you will do before starting preparations. Knowing the syllabus and then going through the books is the only way we all are following for any examinations, whether it is school or college. The UPSC has provided the syllabus which is available online easily. You should understand the syllabus for the examination and choose the relevant study materials and prioritize the subjects.

Reading newspapers and gaining knowledge of current affairs

The aspirants of the IAS exam should know the importance of newspapers. If you are not reading newspapers daily and also the daily news for the IAS examination then you have to understand that you cannot clear this examination. It’s not an easy catch. There are candidates who are devoting all of their time. The questions which are asked in the Civil Services Exam are connected with current affairs whether directly or directly. Therefore, you need to follow relevant news items.

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Choose optional subject wisely

The optional subject has a weightage of 500 marks in the UPSC final Tally. Therefore, you have to choose an optional subject wisely. By thinking about the pros and cons of the subject and making sure that it is something that is a piece of cake for you. While choosing the optional subject you can keep a few factors in your mind that are-  your interest in the subject, availability of coaching and study material, prior knowledge in that particular subject, and other relevant things.

Mugging up the NCERT books

The NCERT textbook from class 6th to 12th plays a very significant role in the preparation of the examination. The candidates can clear the basic concepts and queries from these textbooks. With the help of these books, you will get information very coherently. Also, they are more reliable because the source is the government itself. Sometimes you will get to see questions in the UPSC examination which are directly asked from NCERT textbooks. Apart from these books, you have to take reference with other advanced textbooks which are easily available online and offline.

Ncert Books For

Prepare notes

While you start preparing for any kind of examination, it is very helpful to prepare short notes which can be used while revising. Similarly, the syllabus of UPSC is very vast, you will need to keep a track of the portions you have covered. Preparing a separate notebook for separate subjects can be a good idea. This will be very helpful while noting down current affairs-related news.

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Start solving previous years' question papers

The IAS main exam papers are descriptive. They will test your analytical, communicative, and Critical abilities. You have to get conceptual clarity and perfectly organize your views and perceptions. Solving the question papers of previous years is the most reliable source of UPSC pattern and knowing the difficulty and the type of questions that can be asked. Also, you will get to know the trends in the UPSC exam papers easily.

By: Varsha Yadav

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