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UPSC is considered the toughest and the most intimidating entrance examination of all time. To ace the examination, the candidates have to go neck and neck. These above-mentioned statements are true. But there is always a presumption that an aspirant cannot crack UPSC in the first attempt. Well, this statement is an utter myth because several enthusiasts have set an example for society by clearing the UPSC examination at the very first attempt with ease.

So, if you have seen their interviews on television, then you will notice as an aspirant that they all follow some sort of distinct strategy. They emphasize extraordinary tactics to get beneficial outcomes. Some toppers have also revealed or disclosed their methodology to prepare for examinations.

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So, in this article, we will be showcasing some of the legit tactics or tips which can help you to crack the UPSC examination easily if you strictly stick to these tactics. Now let’s dive in.

  1. Create an Eloquent Time Schedule- Try to introspect and analyze your position long before the examination and then create a schedule that suits you. If you believe in last-minute revision and practice for civil examination, then this is not your cup of tea. Because candidates devote their time and hard work in terms of clearing examinations. However, we are all aware of the fact that UPSC is organized annually, so there is always plenty of time for the aspirants to prepare and plan for the examination as per their capabilities. 

The best way can be to a lot of specialized disciplines for a specific day and divide its timings. This practice will encourage you to equally focus on different subjects. Always follow the principle of slow and steady wins the race. So, try to build a well-articulated or well-planned schedule that can help you mug up the concepts before the examination.

  • The study, Exploring and Thorough Revision should be part of the learning process

We all know that the syllabus of UPSC is lengthy and rigid which might create confusion. It is also been witnessed that the majority of the aspirants feel bemused or perplexed. They don’t know where to begin and as a result, the candidate gets frustrated. Hence, it is pivotal to create a well-formulated plan which can work as a perfect roadmap for you. Plan your study for a daily day basis or every week.

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The plan should be arranged properly so that you can learn and revise the topics efficiently and effectively. Try to read prescribed disciplines thoroughly and don’t leave any topic pending. Try to rejuvenate and recall specific concepts until you feel confident about them.

  • Try to Solve Previous Year Question Papers- It is the most decisive step to perform if you are thinking to crack UPSC at the very first glance. It is highly recommended to solve previous 5 years question papers. It helps you to understand the pattern and structure of the paper. Looking at these papers can be a frightening task, but there is no gain without pain. So, if you even try to solve these papers then you can boost the confidence. Through this, you can get a clear picture of what is going to come on paper.

There are several civil services papers and question banks which are available online for free. So, go ahead and have a glimpse of it. Also, try to solve them and experience the change from blank to being competent.

  1. Reading Newspaper Regularly- The moment when aspirants realize that he or she has to prepare for civil examinations, then it becomes their sole duty to arrange and read newspapers in terms to get updated. It is advised to read English newspapers with regional newspapers. The main agenda of reading newspapers is to consume knowledge as prosumers. 

It is suggested to read different newspapers because the news angles and details can also differ. In some cases, newspapers don’t disclose some relevant info and some do mention brief reports. So, that is why it is better to read different newspapers and analyze the content delivered by them.

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  1. Create Brief Notes- After reviewing your syllabus, an individual must begin with the task of note creation. This will help you to get a crux or an overview of the topic. Several toppers have suggested trying this tactic in terms to attain fruitful results. It is better to understand that if you have a great command of the core subjects then only you can prepare yourselves mentally. If you are having no idea about the concepts then UPSC coaching is also unable to teach you the concepts which are coming in the examinations. It is better to learn the nitty and gritty about the subject without entirely relying on coachings. For knowing tips and tricks from the experts you can join coaching.

So, here is the list of some tips and tactics which were utilized by toppers and can be utilized by you also in terms of cracking the UPSC examination at your first attempt.

-Hruditya Kumar

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