Difference between entrepreneur and manager

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We all somewhere are always in a confusion regarding the two different terms, the entrepreneur and the manager, and even misinterpret them. In today’s fast-moving world, a student always has a desire to be a leading manager or become an entrepreneur and start his venture. But it’s the need to of the hour nowadays to demarcate the difference between the two different terms. 

What is the basic difference between an entrepreneur and a manager?

An entrepreneur is a person who starts or develops his/her innovative venture by putting all the available resources together, thereby investing initially but earning profits for the long term. He/she puts forward the innovative and different approach for running the venture by transforming the ideas, whereas a manager is a person responsible for handling the business goals and objectives, therefore taking the already established business to the greater heights. 

Now you might be thinking that if both the terms are entirely different then what are the different approaches and skills a person should require for opting for a career as a manager or an entrepreneur? Since we all saw the basic difference between the working of the options, let us see the major skills required for the same. So firstly let us discuss the basic requirements in an individual’s personality to be an entrepreneur.

PASSION: If you have a passion for doing something new and contributing to society, you can be best suited for an entrepreneur. You should be passionate about what your idea is and how you can implement it so that you can run your venture very smoothly. Also, your passion is the key to your success, especially in this field.

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CREATIVE THINKING: You should think something out of the box so that everyone is attracted by your company and try to engage themselves in it. Different ideas and approaches towards things can make your venture being grown to greater heights.


SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLING: Initially when you start a business, then you have the social media skills to advertise the brand so that it can be recognized by the people as well. Also, social media can help you to increase the follower count of your brand and can it popular to a greater extent. 

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TIME MANAGEMENT: A person should be able to channelize his/her time while being an entrepreneur. It can help him/her immensely to keep track of various things so that you can make use of the resources in a better way.

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TEAMWORK: Any work does not take its real essence until and unless it is teamwork. So you should be able to form a perfect team for your venture so that it can run smoothly without any hindrance.


Now coming to some of the basic skills that can make you a successful manager can be as follows:

TEAMWORK: You should take care of the team that you are leading. This can create bonding among team members and eventually. they love the work they are doing with passion. Also, the ideas inculcated in the team realize the importance of the goals targeted by the company so that they can weigh the amount of hard work required to accomplish them.

RESPONSIBLE: If you are leading in any company to achieve the required goals, you should be responsible enough to complete all the tasks on time, and be updated about the things happening in your surroundings.

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DEDICATION: A person should be dedicated enough to take the team form in a better manner by crossing all the hurdles effectively. Your dedication towards working on a particular project would help the company immensely to reach greater heights. 


LEADERSHIP QUALITIES: Beyond any doubt should have leadership qualities that make you suited for the particular post in any prestigious company. This can help you to maintain a balance in your professional working among your colleagues by suggesting them the right direction to work.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Your effective communication skills help you immensely to lead properly in an effective manner. Communication skills are one of the most important key factors that can help you to give the required information to the entire team for better working.

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Thus, we can conclude that though the two terms are completely distinct, we can say that entrepreneur takes the risk to establish the venture that is the most important factor to succeed while for a manager, using available resources in a better way is the key to be successful and achieve goals. So, identify your interests and potential, start working according to the desired option.


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