5 Steps To Become An Ethical Hacker

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Ethical hackers are the hackers who used the knowledge to improve and Secure the technology of an organization. Their work is to provide essential service to organizations by looking for possibilities of security breaches. Ethical hackers report a lack of security to the organization if there’s any. Ethical hackers have a huge demand in the market because there is an increase in cyber-attacks every year. Hacking is illegal which is done to break personal information and get the bank information of individuals.

Hacking is illegal but ethical hacking is a career opportunity where these hackers work to maintain the security of the organization, not to break the security. An ethical hacker gets exposure to the latest IT systems, thousands of jobs internationally and locally, excellent compensation, opportunities for advancement, and many more benefits. After going through all the benefits you have to understand how to make the idea of ethical hacking into reality, here are a few steps that you can consider to become an ethical hacker in today’s time.

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Know your abilities

You have to learn what the correct option is about whether that’s suitable for you or not? You have to understand yourself if you are fitting in the job profile. Ask yourself if you have experience with this or not. These are the basic things you should be aware of before choosing any career field. Many people turn into ethical hacking from previous positions such as coding programming and system specialist. It is an advanced branch of cybersecurity. It does not require knowledge, you don’t need to be a computer person to make it a career. Ethical hackers also come from different backgrounds in law and Liberal Arts.

Get required education

After deciding whether you are fit for this correct option or not the very next step will be to investigate the options available for cybersecurity education. You will have the advantage to become an ethical hacker in that you don’t need to invest in 3 to 4 years of college degrees. There are a lot of cybersecurity programs that will give you the education required to qualify for jobs. The available courses depend on multiple variables like- how much time and resources you want to invest in the education whether you prefer online or offline classroom learning, there are many such situations you have to consider before getting started.

Get qualified

If you talk about the past 1 the cybersecurity industry has outpaced over the past 10 to 20 years with the output of skilled and educated cyber professionals. It says that people with few or no qualifications have too many ethical hacking jobs and their entire cyber education is based on job learning. The industry has become strict and they have implemented education standards. Also, certifications for the candidates to qualify and get trained as cybersecurity and ethical hacking professionals. If you want to become an ethical hacker you have to get proper training and proper qualifications. Make sure that the teacher’s training programs are related to Real-world experience and the teaching staff is cybersecurity professionals.

Work on building your network

As the industry of cybersecurity is growing the Local Network of cyber professionals is also increasing the students of ethical hacking have to become a part of the Cyber ecosystem in the local community. Building networks will help you to make connections with colleagues, employers, and other people, who will help you to stay updated with the new technology development and career opportunities nearby. You can also work on your cyber network by learning in a local area like an Institute or college which provides classroom training. It will give you face-to-face interaction with the teachers, professionals, and students in the local industry.

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Start looking for job opportunities

After the completion of your courses certification exams and building a network of professionals like you it is the right time for you to search for job opportunities. There are so many job openings available in the United States and other countries also. Ethical hacking boot camp offers graduate services which include career counseling, coaching for interviews, internship placement services, and many other things.

By: Varsha Yadav

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