How To Land A Job At Google

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It is incontrovertible that, Google is a well-renowned technology firm that implements diverse practices to rule the internet search engines and to deliver user-friendly content. After owning such a great presence all across the globe and in the market, Google has the desire to offer meaning to its internal members. Google is perceived as the most successful firm that emphasizes the creation and effective business practices. The majority of the workers enjoy the brand philosophy and corporate culture of Google. These crucial aspects set Google apart from another brand, that is the reason why people are crazy to get a job opportunity the google. Now in this article, we will cover all the necessary information that you are required to know to get hired or recruited by Google.

What Does Google Want From Its Employees?

If you pay close attention to the google brand identity, then you might notice that it doesn’t include any patterns because it symbolizes that Google doesn’t adhere to any rules and regulations. During hiring proceedings also, google tend to value individuality instead of following classic recruitment policies which generally is followed by standard firms. Google image has been established as the firm that believes in out-of-the-box and that what’s sets apart Google as a brand from its competitors.

Applicants are required to have Bachelor’s degree at least to apply for diverse job positions in Google. Further hands-on expertise might also work. If you have technical expertise in your vocation, then your college degree doesn’t matter at all. If you are having in-depth knowledge and elevated comprehension to complement your skills in myriad areas, then google considers this kind of people as ‘T- shaped People”. Recruiters at google are intrigued by those professionals who are skilled, flexible, self-starter,and proactive. Besides this, if a candidate has stretched their pathways to learn new skills and other fields, then this also interests Google recruiters. In simple terms, Google prefers those candidates who have fire to expand their knowledge by learning instead of having a Harvard Degree in hand.

How To Apply To Google For A Job?

Apply Online

Aspirants can apply for different job positions in Google directly by visiting their website. It is easy to enter the vocation in which you are interested, add your current location, and list down the skills you possess. Last but not least add on your expertise. Google will narrow down the job openings for you as per your area of interest.

Employee Referrals

It is another method that can be considered to apply for the job. In this method, you can approach a professional who works at Google, and use them as the ladder to climb and get your application. You can also establish your network with Google employers through LinkedIn. Ask their recommendations regarding the job. It is witnessed that Googlers are actively hiring proficient candidates. If your resume is congruent and perfect, then they might approach you for the interview session.

Campus Placements 

It is the track record of Google, that they generally visit different colleges and universities like DTU, IIT, NIT and many more in terms do on-campus placements.


Google is always ready to conduct kick start, a coding competition for various programmers in the Asia Pacific region every year. Interested candidates are welcome to register for the competition and register themselves for any 3 hours round as per their interest. The winners might receive an offer for an interview for a technical job at Google.

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Tips To Land A Job At Google

  1. Hone your hard skills and intrapersonal skills with the assistance of Google Tech Dive Guide and practice exercises constantly. Further, you can engage yourself in different coding contests to broaden your knowledge about coding or programming.
  2. Don’t worry about your GPA while applying for a job at Google because it is just one criterion that is not taken into the consideration. The quotation of “your mark sheet is just a piece of paper” suits Google because they believe that your GPA cannot define your potential and skills.
  3. Recruiters mainly emphasize the expertise and accomplishments of job seekers, so, it is crucial to provide brief information about diverse projects in which you indulged from your college years. You have discussed the project topics, tasks, their aim, and final outputs. Besides this, you have to share information about the methodology you used to evaluate the results.
  4. To increase your chances, make a well-articulated application so, that it becomes easy for Googlers to review it. Incorporate the congruent lists of projects to showcase your interests. It is essential because Googlers want to know your craving.
  5. The majority of the people set a tentative assumption that Google asks brain-teaser type questions in their interviews but this hypothesis is utterly wrong in the current scenario. Now you don’t have to think about whether the stone is heavy or the feather is heavy after throwing it from the roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google looks for candidates with a strong educational background, relevant work experience, and a demonstrated passion for technology and innovation. Depending on the role, specific technical skills and expertise may also be required.

The interview process at Google is crucial. It typically involves multiple rounds of technical assessments, problem-solving tasks, and behavioral interviews to evaluate a candidate’s skills, adaptability, and cultural fit.

Google has offices in various locations worldwide. While relocation may be necessary depending on the job and your current location, the company also offers remote work options for certain positions, allowing for more flexibility.

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