Tips to Score Good in Examinations

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Exams are a very important part of a student’s life. Not only getting passed is our aim, but also performing well is important and that can happen when you prepare well for the exams. Not only your preparation, but also how you deal with the situation while taking your exams, matters a lot. Your presentation, manner of answering questions, and positive attitude all contribute to you being the best candidate for your exam. So here are some instant tips and tricks that can really help you to perform well in the examination and get good marks.

1. Stay Calm and Positive:

During the exam, it is very important to stay calm and quiet as it helps your brain to remember things in a better way and you will be able to write properly. Stay positive and there is absolutely no need to stress, otherwise you will forget all that you have read and your mind will not be able to retain the things that you have learned.

2. Read all the questions first:

Before starting to attempt the answers, it is necessary to read all the questions first, to prepare your mind to set the right pace. Reading questions gives you confidence and the knowledge that you know all of the answers, which will help you avoid stress and nervousness during the last hour of the exam.

3. Write Carefully and Neatly:

While writing answers, keep your mind clear and careful. You need to be calm and try to write as neatly as you can. During an exam, presentation is very important because it influences the examiner. Underline the important points, use pointers, charts, graphs, or diagrams in your answers. That gives clarity that you have full knowledge of the data or important points and your concepts are also clear about the particular topic and that lets the checker easily understand what you have written is correct and gives you good marks.

4. Pace yourself:

Typically, we as students attempt the exam slowly at first and gradually increase our speed, and as we approach the last hour or half hour of the exam, we have to speed up so much that our presentation becomes very poor, which leads to a bad impression on the checker and you both become tense. So, to avoid this situation, you must write at a regular pace from the very beginning and try to maintain the same speed throughout the exam.

Some students also tend to not complete the exam on time and leave long questions, and that already leads to low marks. So, to avoid these types of situations, try to maintain a high speed from the very beginning.

5. Answer the questions you know first:

When you start attempting the questions, mark the ones that you don’t know or if you think that they will take too much time. First, attempt the ones that you know the answer to at one glance or can solve them all at once. Avoid the questions and mark them for last, which take a lot of time to think or you are not sure of and revisit them. So, you do not leave out the questions you are very sure of because of the ones you are not sure of.

6. Find the Scoring Sections:

When you first read the paper, try to figure out which sections are scoring or easy, and focus on those first. These sections can include one-word answers or multiple-choice questions (MCQs) types. These usually take very little time. Find the easiest or quickest section with the highest score and attempt it first. This trick also helps to boost your confidence in the beginning and you will not get pressured.

7. Never leave any questions unanswered:

If you have a system of negative marking and you do not have any idea about the question, in that case, it is best to leave it. But if you do not have a system of negative marking, then try not to leave any of the questions unattempt. Mark the questions you don’t know as the last ones and return to them after you’ve finished with the questions you do know.

8. Finally, revise your paper:

Try to finish the paper at a time when you will have enough time to revisit the unattempted questions and then revise all of the attempted questions. It is important to revise all the questions that you have attempted because, as humans, we make many mistakes that we know and are very minor or silly, so by revising the attempted answers, you will be able to correct those mistakes.

So, next time you take any exam, try to apply these tricks. You will surely be able to get better marks than your previous ones. Try to be calm, not to leave any questions (if negative marking is not there), revisit the unattempted questions that you marked on the first go that you found difficult or time-consuming, and revise all the attempted answers last. Keep these points in mind and stay focused.

Frequently Asked Questions

Studying alone or in groups depends on personal preference. Both methods have their advantages. Studying alone allows you to focus on your individual pace and learning style. It helps you maintain concentration and follow your own study plan. On the other hand, group study sessions provide an opportunity for discussion, sharing ideas, and gaining different perspectives. It can be beneficial for clarifying doubts and reinforcing concepts through collaborative learning.

Time management is crucial when preparing for exams. Create a study schedule that allocates time for each subject or topic. Prioritize tasks based on their importance and urgency. Break down your study sessions into smaller, manageable segments with regular breaks to avoid burnout.

 Study breaks are crucial for refreshing your mind and maintaining productivity. During breaks, engage in activities that help you relax and recharge. Go for a short walk, do some stretching exercises, or practice deep breathing to clear your mind.

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