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Being a graphic designer is a new-age career option. Graphic designers are the artist who designs graphics for use in media products such as advertising, magazines and Signage. You have to develop concepts, graphics and a new layout for product illustrations and work on logos and websites of Companies. They have to determine the size and arrangement of copy and illustrated material as well as work on the font style and size. Here are a few steps to become a graphic designer in today’s time.

Getting knowledge about the basics

The graphic designers work in a commercial art industry basically in advertising identity branding and marketing. You can find work at a specialized design firm, as a member of a collaborative team where you can also work independently as a self-employed person who takes contracts. They are also responsible for laying out the design element creating new concepts and looking after the production of the digital printed and materials visually for a brand. Graphic designers can work directly or indirectly for a client by creating materials with the client’s brand and appealing to the targeted audience to please the client. You have to get knowledge about the basic things like learning basic drawing skills, learning about graphic designing theory, website designing, and many more things.

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Software mastering

You have to master the software. Learning about computer design skills is a very important path to create professional layouts. You have to become proficient because the designer meets a high degree of skills to enter the industry standard software program which requires long hours of practice. Doesn’t matter if you’re preparing images for the Website used for laying out a brochure for the printer. As a graphic designer, you should know the right size format and dimensions of every kind of project according to the needs of your client. You should know Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Getting a degree in graphic designing or in a related field

The students pursuing a bachelor’s degree can earn significantly more than the courses for the career. There is a lifetime earning gap between college graduates and the person without a degree. The case is employers demand more skilled students who have more knowledge about the field. Also, you have to know that not every job in the design industry needs to require graphic design. Some skills are hard to learn on your own. For them, you have to get knowledge. Getting a degree from a known University demonstrates to clients, other employers, and Advertising Agencies that you are a professional who has the required skills and can put in efforts to be successful.


You can have an area of specialization. having a niche. It will help you to focus on a single area and you can get specialized in that particular field. Mainly the graphic design forms ask for a solid understanding of all the aspects of graphic designing. If you are planning to work as a freelancer, you have to be specific about the field and focus on a specific area. You can get specializations in so many areas like logo designing, multimedia designing, web design, digital design, and many others.

Work on your portfolio

A portfolio is something that will prove your skills and understanding of the specific field the program of your graphic design will help you to develop an impressive portfolio that will help you to get a good job as soon as you complete your graduation you have to focus on quality, not quantity you have to choose the best work to showcase to your potential employers and your clients. The portfolio should include a handful of your best work which shows your abilities and niche skills, also your areas of interest.

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Starting your career

Starting your career may seem scary but you have to be confident as your education has prepared you to get a job. The best way to work as a professional is to continue your education as much as possible and stay involved in the industry and be up to date with the trends. After graduation, you can spend a lot of time initially be perfecting your resume and portfolio as well as in marketing yourself to potential employers and clients by applying for jobs at marketing and designing firms. You have to be exceptional to stand out in the crowd. Also, you have to be original and get involved, be adaptive, and always ready to learn new things and embrace yourself.

By: Varsha Yadav

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