7 productive and interesting things to do at home

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In this pandemic, our lifestyle has turned into topsy-turvy and everyone feels stuck at home. We lost a lot of things and also gained multiple things like revisiting old memories, spending more time with our family, carrying out our hobbies, baking and making scrumptious items at home. One word which was added to our lifestyle is productivity. Productivity is the most popularized and misunderstood word. Generally, people calculate being productive as doing multiple tasks without getting bored or being super energetic throughout the day. Honestly, it’s an illusion. You can’t be a robot, right?

It’s completely normal to feel bored and sluggish. Avoid putting unnecessary stress on yourself. You can be productive even if you feel bored or lazy. Productivity is not about quantity but quality. It is about adding value to our life like a star in an unlit sky. There is a list of productive things that you can do from the comfort zone of your home. This productive list will ensure both your professional achievement and as well as mental peace.

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7 Productive things to do at home


Gardening would be the best way to spend time with nature. In today’s world, we have distanced ourselves from mother nature and have caged ourselves in the digital world. Spending some time with plants will assure your mental health and peace.



I know the word workout sounds boring but we need to remember that a healthy outside starts from inside. Health is the ultimate wealth, and that’s why we need to give it the utmost importance. A life without good health is like the night sky without twinkling stars. If still, the workout sounds boring, you can add your spices to it. For example, working out in your favourite song, or simply walking or maybe dancing randomly.

Reading Books

No doubt books are the best thing in the universe. It’s like a journey to a whole different world. Every page you turn, you explore a better version of yourself. Books activate both the right and left sides of the brain. So it will be a good option if you read a book per week. If you are a beginner, don’t go to the classics. Start your journey with a short story, poem, novella. It doesn’t matter how many books you go through, but what matters is that how many books go through you.


Creating content

If you are innovative, then what are you waiting for? Starting writing a story or create a YouTube channel. You can see it as a side hustle or your hobby. Because of the digital world, it is super easy to share your content from one corner to the other corner of the world. This is one of the most productive and interesting things to do from the comfort of your home. If you know you can do it, just go for it. 

"There's Always A Scope Of Improvement"

Learning a new skill

In this competitive world, if you want to leave your footprint then you need to be highly skilled and updated. You can learn from the best universities in the world from the comfort zone of your home. You can go for creative writing, copywriting, web developing, marketing, and many more. But one need to be careful from the fraud.
Think twice before investing in any course.


Internships are the best way to discover yourself and your potential. To be successful, get involved in the fieldwork, theoretical knowledge will not be enough. If you are aware of the root works of your field, then you can easily earn your living. In this pandemic situation, you don’t need to step out of your home, you can easily do the virtual internships from the comfort of your room.

Virtual Internships

Spending time with yourself is productive too

If you don’t get a moment to spend with yourself, then what’s the point of being productive. It makes you more mindful and gives you a chance to know yourself better. Spending time with yourself not only makes you productive but peaceful too. It helps you to find yourself and know yourself better. You get to understand your feelings, emotions, and thoughts better. 

By – Swarnali Bhattacharjee

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