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We often find ourselves frequently using the word ‘skills’, and constant rumination over the thought of bettering our skills. It’s no wonder that even when a major part of our life revolves around the skills we possess; but even then, a good amount of people still fail to correctly discern the characteristics of hard skills and what are its different examples. In this article, we’ll have a look at the concept of hard skills, and what are the different types of hard skills that are prevalent nowadays, in this article.


Hard skills can simply be defined as the skills that a person has learned through practice and education, which are required to carry out professional, specific tasks. Hard skills are acquired skills and can be enhanced through practice and rehearsal. They are significantly defined and are assessable. To provide evidence regarding whether a person possesses proficiency to undertake any professional, job-specific tasks; it can easily be demonstrated through degree, certificates, or work environment experiences. 


Up till now, we’ve understood that hard skills are acquired proficiencies to undertake specific tasks; and are enhanced through constant practices. Hard skills retain prominent importance because it’s the mandatory knowledge that a person needs to have to successfully carry out complex tasks, wherever it is required. To be able to land a job in any organization, one needs to provide prominent evidence of their hard skills, along with a succinct idea of their soft skills, which are generally not quantifiable.

To have a clear understanding regarding how hard skills are of significant importance at many places; let’s take up an instance where you want to get a job as a software engineer. While applying for the job, it’s expected of the candidate to possess skills like computer programming and coding with certain expertise. If you aren’t skilled in those basic requirements, you surely wouldn’t be considered a fit for the job since you lack the mandatory hard skills.




It comprises proficiency in advertising, sales, and communication skills. It’s one of the extremely important skills as a lot of companies search for potential candidates who can carry out all the tasks with ease, about the aspects and technicality involved in modern-day digital marketing as well as traditional marketing. Some commonly stated examples include SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and advertising, Google search console, etc.


It includes precise abilities or knowledge that is required to carry out tasks in the areas of science, engineering, technology, IT, etc. It can also be described as the precise skills that are required to use software and machinery. Some commonly stated examples include website and app development, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, CAD, etc.

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Analytical skills comprise the proficiency in gathering data and analyzing it; to be able to draw inferences from the data, which could prove to be extremely beneficial for a company. Some commonly stated examples include Data Management, Research, Data engineering, Reporting, Theorizing, Forecasting, etc.


It comprises the efficiency to use Hardware and Software. It’s has become of immense importance to have computer-based skills, since many companies have digitalized their functioning method in various ways, and a person having computer skills, can easily carry out tasks as per the requirements of the company are highly preferred. Some commonly stated examples include Spreadsheets, Google Drive, MS Office, Presentations, Web, Graphics, and several programming languages like MySQL, Python, etc.

cloud computing, computer skills,


Cloud computing constitutes computing services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, etc that are used over the internet (cloud) without direct active management by the user. Nowadays, companies are searching for skilled candidates who can manage and develop cloud systems for them.


Project management ensures efficient management of hard skills that other employees possess, while also ensuring that the assigned tasks get completed on time and under guidelines issued by the company. Some commonly stated examples include scheduling; budgeting, strategizing, and some complex management skills include skills at using agile software, etc.

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Writing skills comprises the proficiency in distinct forms of writing that are required in an organization like writing that involves reports, emails, presentations, documents, marketing copies, etc. Some commonly stated examples include Business Writing, Reports, Copywriting, Editing, Journalism, Press Releases, Proposal Writing, Email Writing Etc.


Many organizations are always in demand of illustrators who can create compelling visuals for them, in various prospects. Some commonly stated examples include Logo Designing, Corel Draw, FreeHand, HTML/ CSS, Acrobat, UX Research, UX/UI Design, Sketching, Typography, etc.


It’s potential evidence of a candidate’s proclaimed expertise in hard skills, that are sought after by various organizations.

By- Vrinda Taparia

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