Firstly let’s look into the matter of what Coronavirus is. CoVid 19 or coronavirus strain was first found in the region of Wuhan, China, and is a strain that was never seen before in humans. The viruses are said to cause a deadly illness in the human body ranging from the common cold to fatal respiratory syndromes or SARS.

The symptoms include sneezing, coughing, fever, runny noses, and also in the rarest of cases, it was said to cause kidney failure and then deaths.

Virus, Physical Contact

Here are some of the tips for students to be safe from coronavirus because we all know, “Prevention is better than cure” as there is no immediate cure available insight.

Avoid physical contact

First things first, always wash your hands using an alcohol-based (90-95%) hand sanitizer before eating or putting your hands in contact with your mouth, eyes, or noses. This virus doesn’t spread through thin air but only gets into your body through physical contact so you must avoid it in public transports, washrooms, doorknobs, seats, etc. so refrain touching your face at any cost and always disinfect yourselves if you don’t want to let those viruses into your system. Social distancing is becoming the topmost priority is it is said to spread through physical contact. For students to be safe they must avoid shaking hands with people and refrain from indulging in any kind of social gatherings as the coronavirus is said to advance by air droplets during sneezing or coughing. India is a highly populated country, and it is highly advised to maintain distance and carry masks and gloves before it spreads like wildfire, just like in China.

Stay Covered

Cover your mouth and nose using the corners of your elbow rather than your hands before sneezing or coughing. Also, it is better to stay home if you’re already sick, as you may be prone to other deadly viruses as well. Focus on your health and body and take a week or month leave if needed. Use a good quality face mask while you are out traveling. Using an N95 face respirator is highly recommended as it helps to fight off 95% of the airborne particles 

Be aware of what’s happening

Please Be Aware, sneezing or coughing

Cook meat and eggs and food thoroughly before consuming them; however, according to recent findings by the FSSAI, Coronavirus doesn’t spread through foods like meat, seafood, chicken, or mutton at all. However, in the meantime, you are advised to avoid physical contact with anyone having flu symptoms or cold and cough. You are also advised to go for monthly health checkups and immediately rush to a doctor whenever you suspect something. You are also advised to isolate yourselves for a month or two if the results are positive as, according to reports, the fatality, however, is low if you don’t have any other underlying diseases. Regular medicines and self-isolation will help in preventing the spreading of this disease. Also, avoid using public washrooms and use disinfectants to kill any possible germs on the toilet seat before using it.

Travel Consciously

Wipe down your tables and trays and carry disinfecting wipes along with you while you’re traveling, including buses, trains, planes. You are advised to wipe down armrests, doorknobs, trays, seats, seatbelts, and anything which might contaminate you in any way. Students must avoid overpopulated places to be safe from something like coronavirus. Carry enough disinfectants and cleansing items while you are traveling. The central government of India has also begun international screening measures in airports, and the whole issue is said to have been monitored in a very delicate way. Visas have been reported to be canceled for the foreign nationalities who were supposed to travel to India from the affected countries like China.

Get Nutritious Meal

Students be safe from Coronavirus, Dietetics Nutrition Fruits Doctor Diet Vitamin

Having good immunity will act as the best defense. If you have a great immune system, your body will naturally act as a shield against many deadly diseases, so the first and foremost thing is to keep a healthy body, eat vegetables and avoid fast food or prolonged canned foods. Sleep for at least six to eight hours and eat enough water to keep yourselves hydrated. Have a sufficient amount of micronutrients into your diet. In the meantime, common flu prevention tips can be followed, like washing hands for 20 seconds right after using the toilet, before eating, blowing your noses, sneezing, coughing, using public transports, etc. Also, cleaning school bags regularly, washing your clothes daily with a strong disinfectant, and disinfecting frequently touched objects or surfaces like doorknobs using sprays and wipes in case you stay at dorms and clean your sheets daily. Refrain from traveling abroad for the meantime or going for overseas travel for studies. 

One last thing that you need to keep in mind apart from all the precautionary and preventive measures is never to fall prey to fake news or promote any misinformation. It is always advised to follow well-trusted sources like WHO before getting into conclusions because this is not the time to panic but high time to prevent and prepare. 

So this is the end of the post Tips for Students How to be safe from coronavirus. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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